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I suppose I could be described as a late bloomer, having started my writing journey at the age of forty. My first and most important writing project began with keeping a journal from the first day I moved to West Cork, Ireland with my husband and three sons, in the summer of 2004. My dream back then was that one day I would have this book published, pay off my mortgage and live happily ever after.
Keeping my journal was the thing that kick-started my love of writing as I enjoyed it so much that I experimented with short stories. These developed into novellas and full-length novels.
I have sent manuscripts off to a few agents and publishers in the past, to no avail. Then I decided that life is just too short to hang around for months waiting for each rejection.
After doing my research, I found a company in England whom I have been working with since my first book No Place Like Home was published in May 2013. They produce my e books, including covers, and distribute them on Amazon and other sites, at no cost. If any sales are made the publisher and me divide any remaining profit once the seller has been paid. This arrangement suits me as creating my own e books is way beyond my capability.
I have four books available for sale, and my fifth book, my second collection, is due our any time now.
Unfortunately, book sales are few, but I won’t allow that to deter me. I’ll continue to work hard, to write stories I hope people will enjoy reading, and try to get my name out there. One day, hopefully I’ll build up a good reader base. Giving up isn’t an option. My writing has helped me through some of the darkest days in my life. When times are tough I turn to my note book and immerse myself in my writing. I channel my emotions onto words, transforming the negative into something positive.
Currently I’m working on a novella. It’s slow progress since I’ve had so much editing to work on over the last six months or so. Now that is coming to an end I’m looking forward to having more time to write.
Now, back to that journal/memoir I mentioned earlier. Over the years I have edited and re-worked this book so many times. I’ve spent the last few months working on it yet again, and I’m now half way through the final proof reading stage. This book will be out in the summer, under a pen name.
Unlike all those years ago, I am under no illusion I am in the process of creating a best seller. These days my expectations are more realistic. Paying the mortgage off! Well, yes, that would be amazing, but if I only find a few readers for my book, who will relate to my story, shed a tear and share a laugh with me, that would make it all worthwhile.
This book is so special to me, and just to see it, finally after all these years of hard work, with pride of place on my Kindle, would make me feel so proud.
Thank you for taking the time to read my post.
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