Angel of The Willows by Angela Gascoigne

Angel of The Willows

Angel of the willowsAngels really do walk among us as the residents of The Willows, a small cul-de-sac on the large and modern Elmwood Estate, are about to discover. There’s much more to their new neighbour than meets the eye. Behind closed doors, The Willows is shrouded in secrets which are about to be unveiled. But does Rebekah aka Ruby have what it takes to sort these hopeless lives out? The negative energy hovers like a black cloud, and Rebekah can’t help wondering if she’s bitten of more than she can chew. Still, what choice did she have?

Working as helper to Julian Guardian Angel of Hopeless Cases she doesn’t have long to complete her task. During her time on The Willows she forms unbreakable friendships with her hilariously hopeless neighbours. There’s Obnoxious Audrey who enjoys nothing better than spitting venom. But is it all just a front? Sylvia’s at the end of her tether with her fourteen-year-old daughter. She has her enough problems of her own.

Alan’s eavesdropping leads him to learn something he’d rather not know, and he’s left with no choice than to seek comfort in the arms of young barmaid, Barbie. What will it take to make him see sense and try to work things out with his one true love, Jackie? And then there’s Bunty with her hatred of train sets, Dick who likes to keep his wife safe under lock and key (or does he?), and the others who are all just as hopeless. Finally there’s some light at the end of the tunnel.

Rebekah’s reward for all her hard work is almost within reach. But pretty soldier, Gillian just can’t stop getting between Rebekah and her prize. The ticking of the clock is now so loud in Rebekah’s ears reminding her that time is running out. Will she be able to complete her task after all? Feeling her chances of success, and her life dwindling away Rebekah sadly decides to organise a barbeque as a way to say goodbye to the new friends she’s grown to love. But
who will turn up as the guest of honour?

About the author

Angela Gascoigne was born in Newcastle Upon Tyne, England in 1965. In 2004 she relocated to West Cork in Ireland. She is married with three grown up sons and a variety of pets. She is a qualified complementary therapist but now spends her time working on her writing. Angela’s love of writing began with keeping a journal of her new life in Ireland. This progressed to writing short stories, books and flash fiction. Her books are in the genre of women’s fiction and she also likes to inject a bit of dark humour into some of her writing. She currently has three e books available on Amazon and other sites. Her new book is due out soon, as well as a second short story collection.

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