OinK! Only in Korea! by David Osterhout

An Interview with David Osterhout author

Interview with David Osterhout author

Who are your greatest support – who believes in you?

  • My wife, Cheryl, is my biggest supporter. (as it should be) She always believes in me and is proud of my accomplishments.



Where do you write from? e.g. Kitchen table? Study? Bedroom? Garden shed?

  • I usually sit in the sun room on a lounger love seat with my laptop on my lap just like it was designed.



Do you write at set times e.g. morning, afternoon, evening, very early morning?

  • Generally I feel more inspired in the early mornings and fade as the day progresses.



What motivates you to write?

  • I have only written one novel to completion and it was inspired by true events.



What are the biggest distractions to your writing time?

  • On good days, nothing distracts me but on bad days everything is a distraction: dogs, tv, sports, work outs, meals etc.



What part of the world do you live in?



Are you from there originally?

  • I grew up in east Texas in many small towns.



Have you ever suffered from writers’ block?

  • So far I have never suffered writer’s block because I wrote my one novel 35 years ago while I was in the hospital recovering from an injury. The words flew on to the pages (hand written) as a purge of all the bad things that happened. When completed, I had a dozen or so large filled spiral notebooks.



How do you overcome it?

  • So far (knock on wood, for good luck), I haven’t needed to overcome writer’s block.



.Have you taken any writers’ courses and have they been worthwhile?

I have never taken a course. I’m not sure at this point if I want to.


Q.Have you ever belonged to a writers’ group? And what value did you gain from it?

I have never belonged to a writer’s group but may sit in on one in the near future. I would suspect that I would receive all kinds of advice from each of the members.

Q.Is self-publishing satisfying enough for you or would you prefer to be traditionally published?

I would prefer to have a book traditionally published. I think it would give a greater validation to the finished project. Any book that is traditionally published is always available in electronic format too, so there would be no loss of exposure. I think there would be great satisfaction to walking into a book store and seeing your book on the shelf.


Q.Have you ever tried to find an agent?

I sent my manuscript to 100 agents before I decided to self publish. None were interested.


Q.What would you expect an agent could do for you that you can’t do for yourself?

Obviously an agent could shop the book to potential publishers better than I ever could.


Q.Do you think you can make a full-time career being an Indie writer?

Since I retired from work this last December, I will dedicate more time to writing my next novel and marketing my current novel. I really don’t feel that I will ever be able to sell enough self-published books to change my life style, but you just never know what will catch on. IfFifty Shades of Grey can sell millions and be turned in to a major motion picture, then there is hope for all of us.


Q.How long have you been writing?

I wrote my first novel, hand written on spiral notebooks, in 1981 when I spent 8 months in the hospital. I finally edited it and self published in 2015.


Q.What drew you to want to write a book?

I had a unique military experience on the DMZ in Korea. I wrote the book as a purge to get all of the bad thoughts out of my head and on to a piece of paper.


Q.From where did you get the idea for this current story?

I spent eleven months and ten days on the DMZ in Korea before I was medevac’d out and I basically chronicled the story.


Q.How did you go about developing it?

I initially wrote 158,000 words starting from the beginning of my military tour all the way through the  bitter end. It was easy because it was more of a memoir than having to make up a plot, characters and make it interesting. The true story was so unbelievable that I didn’t need to make up anything.


What is your next project?

      I have written a memoir-ish account of a tour on the Korean DMZ. Obviously, the books are not flying off the shelf because no has ever heard of me or the book:

OinK! Only in Korea!

    My next book will be a sexually oriented fantasy. It won’t be erotica but it will be more of a sexual tragedy .

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