Aliens in Godzone: Aliens Murder Mystery by Genesis Cotterell

Aliens in Godzone

Aliens in Godzone


Book Review
Reviewed by Katelyn Hensel for Readers’ Favorite
From the cover to the very last page, Aliens in Godzone: An Alien Murder Mystery by Genesis Cotterell is one bizarre, yet fun and wild ride. At the onset of the story, an alien race known as the Ryxin have already infiltrated earth in the guise of fellow earthlings. We start off in the offices of one Mr. Curtis McCoy, a half-alien, wet behind the ears private detective who is about to embark on his very first case. Janux, a beautiful fellow Ryxin, has approached Curtis to investigate the death of her partner Roscoe. She claims that he came to her in a dream and told her that his throat was cut, and he wasn’t in a simple van accident. While following the clues, Curtis manages to uncover some deep dark secrets that he wishes he never knew.
What a story. I was enthralled by the back story and the character history that went into building this possible, yet science fiction world. It was interesting and believable, and while there were a few plot holes, there was nothing obnoxiously obvious or poorly done. Just a fun murder mystery story that happened to also have an element of aliens and science fiction to it. Janux really holds Curtis’s attention for the majority of the book, which kind of irked me as instant love at first, but I got used to it and liked the play between characters as well. The plot was fun as well, dealing with a bit of conspiracy theory and thriller as well as traditional mystery elements. A very cool read!
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