AL CLARK (Book One) by Jonathan G. Meyer

AL CLARK (Book One) science fiction novel

AL CLARK (Book One)

AL CLARK (Book One)

He started all over in a strange place, his past a complete mystery. AL CLARK adopts the name fastened to the door of the room that contains the metal box where he woke up.
It was as good a name as any, and people needed to call him something. Where he was, and how he got there, were unanswered questions that added to his confusion and made for a very rude awakening.
His journey has only begun, and so begins the quest that will take him to places he could not have imagined. Manage things he would not have thought possible, and learn the value of true friends. The same friends that would help him solve the disturbing puzzle that is—AL CLARK.

About the Author

Jonathan G. MeyerJonathan G. Meyer is a midwestern author with a passion for Science Fiction. He has published two books in his Al Clark trilogy and is working hard on Book 3. An avid reader with varied life experiences, he believes life can be complicated, and books have the capability to take you to places that no other media can. Al Clark is a story five years in the making and is the kind of story he remembers loving in his childhood. Old-Fashioned Science Fiction.
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During Earth’s final days the spaceship Excalibur is the last vessel to take 1000 highly intelligent and skilled people to their new home, the planet Avalon in another galaxy. Due to its distance, all on board are put into a cryogenic state for thirty years and are scheduled to be awoken in time for planetfall. But Excalibur is wounded by meteors and asteroids and it is now forty years when the first being is awakened. Except he can’t remember his life before waking up. Solitary exploration yields several clues: the ship has been in orbit for approximately ten years, one entire area of the ship has been destroyed by space satellites, and yet our survivor still has no clue to his identity. So he adopts the name he finds on the pod he emerged from and calls himself Al Clark.

As time goes on Al finds himself in the residential areas and claims a room for his own only to find there is one other space traveler alive. Chris is a young man who came awake about a year earlier and it thrilled to find another person alive. Together they explore Excalibur and work to wake the others. What follows is the story of exploration and settlement of a planet similar to Earth but with natives living in caves and dinosaurs that haven’t been killed off by a cosmic attack on the planet.

The story starts out slow and gives the reader a sense of the vastness and loneliness of space as we follow both Al and Chris through the early stages of restoring Excalibur and its human cargo. Once our intrepid travelers make planetfall the action really starts. And through it all we wonder along with Al Clark just who he really is and why can’t he remember anything from the past.

A terrific read for sci-fi fans of the old school it is appropriate for all ages. I certainly hope there is a sequel in the offing.

Format: Kindle Edition

Al Clark wakes up on a space ship with no indication of who he is or where he is located. He finds a young man named Chris on board and thus begins their mission to awaken the crew from a near forty year hibernation and to discover his true purpose.

An excellent debut from author Jonathan Meyer, Al Clark is an easy and page-turning science fiction adventure, appropriate for young adults and older.


Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

The first thing I noticed about this book is the narrative style. It’s not your typical storytelling. It’s chameleon-like, depending upon the mood and the atmosphere and that is an amazing thing. The book starts out a bit scary in a stark, cold place — both physically and in the character’s mind, and the prose style and choice of words and rhythm reflects that. Then as things resolve into a bit more of a peaceable, friendly environment, the dialogue and the writing tempo eases back into that as well. It’s lighter where it was darker in the beginning. Then danger – tension bleeds into it and it’s a neat thing to read. The writing itself is very easy, yet it puts these vibrant, vivid clear images into the head, like watching a film. I really enjoyed the plot and wanted more at the end of it. The story built upon itself brick by brick place by place character by character and structurally that was really satisfying. The story itself was really fun, reminding me of old school sci-fi… like listening to an episode of X Minus One or reading Heinlein.


Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

The story opens with the unknown, learning about the environment as the main character is doing the same. Although I wish more would have been done to explain the exploration of new new planet this does not hinder the excitement as the story quickly progresses to its climax. An excellent book for a quiet afternoon. I only wish there were more to go with it.


Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

In this story the reader is treated to a nice blend of sci-fi concepts: Space colonization, hypersleep, robots, cyborgs and even dinosaurs.

It’s an enjoyable read. I didn’t find it to be groundbreaking but I had no problem maintaining my interest throughout the whole thing. I did have a couple of complaints however.

-The plot arc is unconventional. There was no real climax to the story, it just sorta ended. Possibly the author is planning a series of books? That’s fine, but I would have liked a more gratifying ending on this book.
-There were no tyrannosaurus rexs as depicted on the book cover. Just a type of 10 foot tall dinosaur called a riktor. Which were cool, but if I was the author I would have put in an exciting t-rex fight at the story’s climax.
-The story did have several typos and errors and needs a proofreader. I was able to look past them, but readers sensitive to that kind of thing may find themselves annoyed

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