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Against The Clock

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In the contemporary world of secret government organisations, Shirin Reyes is a rogue, de-sanctioned assassin on a mission of revenge and justice, hunting the persons responsible for killing her husband. Damaged, dangerous and deadly, Shirin keeps moving forward, hunting, and being hunted, from one battlefield, ambush, and gun fight, to the next. She comes into the orbit of Director Zelig, who is closing in on the endgame of an ambitious plot to take control of the nation’s intelligence community. Working for Zelig comes the frightening psychotic killer Smith who is double crossing him, reporting to an elusive and secretive Old Man who seems to be pulling all the strings. Through the series of violent engagements, Shirin begins to understand the consequences her vendetta has on those she cares about as their lives are put in direct and immediate danger. Racing against a ticking clock Shirin tries to protect the people closest to her, while fighting the forces massing against her. In the end, she won’t stop until she gets her man.

About the Author

charlie MooreCharlie Moore was born and raised in Sydney, Australia. He started work on his first full length novel at age 18. When running through final edits for the book, he put it aside; wanting to live and experience some of the adventures his characters were thrust into. He became an accomplished martial artist, winning his first full contact fight by TKO and gaining over 30 medals before retiring from competition. He traveled the globe, got lost in dangerous parts of the world, swam with sharks, jumped out of planes, and became a Private Investigator.
Resuming his passion for writing, Charlie started ghost writing to build and harness his skill, and in mid 2012 “Against the Clock” was born.
Charlie now shares his time between rock climbing with his wife, and writing deadly action-packed thrillers.


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After years of kicking around the world to exotic places, rock-climbing martial artist Charlie Moore returned to his native Sydney, Australia, and his childhood passion—writing. Gaining experience as a ghostwriter, Moore has struck out on his own with the first in a new spy thriller series, AGAINST THE CLOCK, featuring Shirin Reyes, a female version of…Charlie Moore.

If you like heroes who are more powerful than a locomotive, can leap tall buildings in a single bound, and run faster than a speeding bullet, this is definitely the series for you. That may seem like exaggeration, but Shirin Reyes drags a full-grown man down the aisle of an airplane and slams him against a bulkhead, dodges more speeding bullets than you can count, and leaps a…well, you’ll just have to find out for yourself.

Suffice it to say, the stock characters we’ve all grown to love and hate are here in full flower—the megalomaniacal intelligence director who has dirt on everyone and isn’t afraid to use it; the mysterious older puppet master behind the scenes who moves both heroes and villains around the city like chess pieces; the sadistic enforcer who plays both sides of the fence; the studly and competent rogue spy who becomes Shirin’s sidekick; the brave and talented innocents who get dragged into danger because of Shirin’s vulnerability (yes, she’s human after all). And they all play their parts to near perfection, propelling the action with jet fuel toward a satisfying conclusion that opens the door to Shirin’s next adventure.

If all this sounds cartoonish or straight out of a comic book, be forewarned, the content can be graphic. The book opens with a sex scene detailed enough to make E.L.Read more ›

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This was the first book I chose by this author but it won’t be the last. It is a great read . Even better, it is not laced with sex and language like so many others. Exceptionally well written by a great author.

Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

WOW! This is a first time thriller for Charlie Moore. It is exceptionally well written, highly charged, fast phased and gripping. I can honestly say that this thriller is in the top 5 best I’ve read. The story starts with a highly charged sex scene, where the reader is invited as a voyeur, however it is there for a reason. Every word in this story is there for a reason. The book is extremely well crafted, I would say by an author who has stuck with the grit of writing and honed his style to a near perfection. Charlie Moore has already established a staying power as a popular writer. With one book. That’s a feat only few can master. I have seen few writers write a first good book, just to see them loose the bottom of it all in the second and third book. By reading Mr. Moor’s first book, I can already see that he is definitely not in that category at all. His writing skills are already superb.

This is a thriller like no other, the people in the story are evil and some sociopathic. I started questioning Shirin Reyes vengeance because of all the violence and bloodshed she left in the wake. Well, not all of it is hers. As I read on the picture became a lot bigger and clearer. It all made sense. The book is charged with technology, corruption, new modern concepts in a thriller. And oh yes, a lot of blood, gore and splattering brain matter, YAKES! What I find highly interesting in this fast phased thriller, even though there is very little time, the author manages to put in people feelings, their pondering, fear and doubt which makes them so utterly human, even some of the bad ones.

I am very excited that there is obviously a sequel coming, which is highly indicated in the end.Read more ›

Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

This stunning novel, written by Australian Author Charlie Moore, is the fastest paced story I’ve ever read. It starts off with a very rich man meeting a lovely gal at a bar and taking her to his suite for a little play time. This woman is demure, very feminine, with smooth, tanned skin, and yet very muscular. When she leaves the suite, the security guard smoothly drops a tracking device in her handbag. Trent Barratt’s team starts to track her, though no one seems to know who she is. But they will soon find out as she takes out three of Trent’s team and escapes. Can this be the same demure woman? She has speed and intense alertness like a leopard. Trent had her in his scope, but then she disappeared. Director Selig would like to get rid of Trent, but he’s informed that Trent is needed to find this woman and kill her. We soon learn this woman is Shirin Reyes, who once worked for the Agency under Director Selig. She had never failed her missions, but was an irritant to Selig. However, when her husband is murdered, she becomes adamant about finding all who were involved with his death. Who can she be working for? Or, better yet, who is she trying to bring down? Does she know that Selig had her husband killed? “Hell has no wrath like a woman scorned?” Shirin is seeking revenge. But all these movements of agents, assassinations, torture, and escape will make little difference when Operation Sandstone will be placed into action in about 6 1/2 hours. Did I mention this was fast paced? It’s extremely well written, captivating and very suspenseful. The story line is potent, and you won’t want the clock to run out until … well, until perhaps the world might be saved? Read this story, your adrenalin will rise!



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