After the Evil – A Jake Roberts Novel by Cary Allen Stone

After the Evil - A Jake Roberts Novel

After the Evil

After the Evil – A Jake Roberts Novel

Lori Powers loved being a flight attendant because life at home was a constant nightmare of physical and mental abuse. But her own trauma paled in comparison to her husband’s sexual abuse of their only child. Emily’s suicide note blamed Lori for failing to protect her. Overwhelmed by guilt, Lori sought justice for her Emily. When she heard the voices, she murdered domineering, abusive men whose misfortune brought them across her path. FBI profiler Mika Scott and homicide detective Jake Roberts work together to apprehend the killer while Emily cries out from the grave.

About the author:

“Cary Allen Stone is a brilliant writer of psychological thrillers and murder mysteries. He writes with a keen eye for detail–the graphic violence is chillingly realistic. He delivers a taut, darkly introspective, cunning and well-executed plot by leaning towards the fallible side of his characters. He understands the criminal mind avoiding the stereotypes that dominate crime thrillers. There is a good balance of chemistry and conflict, good and evil that fans will find enthralling. His characters become embedded in our psyches and the pace of his unraveling of his thriller is a ride not easily forgotten. Cary Allen Stone is an important name to watch. This is one superb crime writer!”
––Grady Harp, Amazon Hall of Fame Top 100 Reviewervine Voice Cary live in Phoenix, Arizona


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Format:Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase

Lori Powers lived two different lives, loving her job as a flight attendant, and hating her life as a victim of mental, and physical abuse. As a brave woman, she manages to hide the horrifying trauma of her husband’s abuse and blocks it out, while she attempts to focus on her daughter’s heart-wrenching suicide, caused by sexual abuse from her father. The guilt that Lori endured, after reading her only child’s suicide note, changed her life forever. In the same manner where a loving father and husband takes the law in his own hands in Death Wish, Lori Powers does the same thing, every time a domineering, abusive man crosses her path. She re-lives the terrifying trauma of her daughter’s death, as she seeks justice, and revenge for her loss.

Who killed Dr. Thaddeus Abrams, and will Mika Scott and Detective Jake Roberts find out why? How did Ed Fairchild die, and why did Michael Gates want to punish Lori? What happened when Megan joined Nick Parker on a layover, and how did Lori react? Inspired by famous authors and film, combined with his expertise in Aviation, Cary Allen Stone pens a thrilling Masterpiece, made for the big screen. This captivating, page-turner has you on the edge of your seat as we follow a murder investigation so intense, that we can’t turn the pages fast enough. The nail-biting suspense of following the “Who’s Your Daddy” Serial Killer, sends chills up your spine in great anticipation of fitting all the pieces to the mysterious puzzle.

The author has a gift, the ability to draw his readers right into the crime scene as a witness, where we can see and feel the emotional horror of not only how someone could become a walking time-bomb, but also how bad things can happen to good people. Read more ›

5.0 out of 5 stars After The Evil by Cary Allen Stone September 11, 2014
Format:Kindle Edition
Detective Jake Roberts is having a really tough time. He’s been shot and he shot and killed a young woman. Handling this hasn’t been easy, but he’s trying. While he’s dealing with his issues, there is a killer working overtime. This killer has crossed federal lines and so the FBI is involved. Jake knew it meant Mika Scott would be in town.
They nickname the killer the “Who’s Your Daddy Killer”. Controlling men of authority seem to be dying way to often. Mika Scott and Jake Roberts, along with Jake’s department,are working the case to stop the killings. Question is, will they stop the killer before they strike again?This is a chilling, page turning thriller! Extremely well written and characters so relatable you’ll be sure they live in your neighborhood. I absolutely LOVE this book. I’m not usually impressed with thriller/mystery type books, but this one is a must read. I could feel my skin crawling as each murder took place. I was unsettled by how easily the killer got away. It’s simply an amazing read. You’ll enjoy the side stories as much as the main one. You need to put this one at the top of your TBR pile.I found no issues with this one.I gave this one 5 cheers out of 5 because it really is that good.~Copy of book provided by author in exchange for a fair review~
5.0 out of 5 stars After the. Evil (A JAKE ROBERTS NOVEL) February 21, 2014
Format:Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase
Having spent nearly twenty years in law enforcement this novel is so very close to real life that it is unsettling. This was a page turner and the action spell binding. I highly recommend this book for an evening of intrigue..
5.0 out of 5 stars Spine Chilling September 13, 2014
Format:Kindle Edition
This was one story that hit home for me in more ways than one! I felt as though I was reliving a horrible nightmare. After the Evil is a spine chilling, edge of your seat page turner that will leave you wondering how true this story could actually be. I had a very big connection with Lori and knew her pain all to well. She may have felt guilt and been suffering on the inside but on the outside she was a strong woman. She had more inner strength than she herself even realized I thought anyway. I was impressed with Jake Roberts he was the kind of guy that struck me as a no nonsense type of person. He is diligent and very good at finding out the truth.As he sets out to discover what is happening and why it is clear that he is not settling for anything more than the entire truth. I can tell you that this is one story that will not leave me anytime soon and I am looking forward to reading more about Jake Roberts. If this is Cary Stone’s style of writing I will be thrilled to read anything from him!


5.0 out of 5 stars A spine chilling fast paced thriller! October 22, 2014
Format:Kindle Edition

This is a page turning thriller that will have you at the edge of your seat. The protagonist, Jake is suffering from the trauma of having killed a child though it was in the field and was necessary. He gets drawn into investigating serial killings when his psychologist is murdered. He has to team up with his old partner and lover, Mika who is now with the FBI. Thus enfolds a spine chilling chase to find the killer before any more murders take place.

Lori, a flight attendant by profession, is struggling to deal with and accept the death of her daughter and to get over the horrifying details of her past. When she meets Jake, she thinks that he is the one man who would be different from the rest. Jake meets Lori and falls in love with her without realising who she truly is. A relationship almost develops between them when Lori breaks it off in order to protect him.

The story takes a twist when the Police chief is murdered by a copycat killer. There is also a chance of Jake and Mika getting back with each other but the author keeps that as a mystery thus keeping the suspense for the next novel in the series.

There is so much happening at every stage and the author handles the suspense with finesse. The characters are well developed and the story well paced out though quite fast. The author jumps straight into the story with no deviations and sticks to the point all the time. The style of writing is a little different. It goes from narration at some points to first person from Jake’s point of view. This change however happens in a way that does not disrupt the flow of the story. This is a well written thriller that will have all mystery/suspense/thriller story lovers entertained and happy!




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