Aethernaut Chronicles: Prometheus Unchained.


Aethernaut Chronicles Prometheus Unchained

Aethernaut Chronicles Prometheus Unchained


Aethernaut Chronicles: Prometheus Unchained by JB Murphy

What it is about- The book is set in an alternate version of Earth during the late 1860’s. Ulysses Williams(one of the main characters), son of a Georgia privateer, has been born as an engineering prodigy with astounding intellect. In his youth he is taken to England for a “proper” education. Meanwhile, Iksos, an ancient and powerful mummy-like creature has found a young sociopath(Miko,or Phineus, as he comes to be known) to groom for nefarious ends. Ulysses, through is connections in higher education, becomes a research partner of Nikola Tesla. He and Nickola make a startling discovery about the nature of the universe and establish the altruistic, and secretive Convention of Hermes. Through twist of fate, Phineus, now a promising medical student at the school Ulysses attends/teaches at becomes involved with the Convention. 
    After completing his education, Ulysses returns to Georgia to complete his dream of building an experimental hybrid air ship, and taking his best friend, Gloria, out of the war torn south. After completion of his ship, the Bronze Thorn, Ulysses travels to several places, and begins to assemble a crew, among them being a self taught female engineer and mecha builder, and an enigmatic creature of enigma with other dimensional origins that Ulysses names Rachel.  In the course of his travels he discovers that Phineus has destructive designs for the world. What ensues is an adventure of high adventure, high technology, love, betrayal, self discovery, and magic. 

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4.0 out of 5 stars Action Packed January 29, 2014
Format:Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase

This book is a classic example of what is known as the “steam punk” genre. It is completely packed with copious layers of extreme action that are spun around elements of the metaphysical and an intricate scaffold of inter-relating characters that all culminate in a master plot. There was never a lull in this book!

The characters were extremely visceral; they provoked emotions in a wide range from repulsion to endearment.

I found the choice to incorporate fictional facsimiles of actual historical characters interesting. These “real life” characters did serve to keep a fantastic story grounded in the realm of plausible.

5.0 out of 5 stars Excellent steampunk fiction! August 21, 2013
Format:Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase
A well written story with an exquisite background. Characters grow and develop along with the story, this a masterful first attempt by a promising new author. Easily worth twice what the author is asking.
5.0 out of 5 stars Good Book December 26, 2013
Format:Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase
I was surprised how much I got sucked I to the story. Good twists and turns with unexpected surprises. Enjoyed.

About the Author

The author lives in Columbus, Georgia with his wife and daughter. He developed Multiple Sclerosis before deciding to write. Much of his inspiration comes from the table-top role playing games he has played, and books he has read. It is his hope, that his accomplishments in writing will provide encouragement to others with the same affliction, to not be swayed by it to give up on their dream. 10% of all profit will be donated to The NATIONAL MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS SOCIETY

To day we welcome Jeremy Murphy to our Q & A session

Aethernaut Chronicles Prometheus Unchained

Aethernaut Chronicles Prometheus Unchained

Jeremy is the author of Aethernaut Chronicles: Prometheus unchained

A.My family, and a cadre of very good friends

Q.Where do you write from? e.g. Kitchen table? Study? BedroomGarden shed?

A. I have not the luxury of having my own private space for writing, though I do plan on changing that in the future. I write in my living room.

Q.Do you write at set times e.g. morning, afternoon, evening, very early morning?

A.I share our pc with my wife and daughter, so whenever I get the chance.

 Q.What motivates you to write?

A. Many things. I have Remitting Relapsing Multiple Sclerosis and after its onset my mind became a chaos that I managed to reign in, so writing is like my ongoing therapy in lieu of crosswords and the like. Also, I cannot work anymore at a typical job, and am on full federal disability. It is my hope that writing eventually becomes a vehicle that liberates me from that dependence. However, I don’t write with the primary motivation of making money, or even being famous. I am a storyteller at heart. I take great joy in giving people the gift of an escape to another world that, if even for a few moments, gives them respite from their worries.

Q.What are the biggest distractions to your writing time?

A.The pc I use is actually my wife’s, so being considerate I gladly relinquish it for her to use. She understands that writing has become a big passion of mine, and extends that same courtesy

Q.What part of the world do you live in?

A. I live in the beautiful state of Georgia in the United States of America, and have been in the deep south most of my life.

 Q.Are you from there originally?

A: The south

Q.Have you ever suffered from writers’ block?

A. Yes, many times.

Q.How do you overcome it?

A. There is a strong connection between music and my writing. When I can I put my headphones and let the muse come. Sometimes visions of a solution just come to me at the most mundane times.

 Q.Have you taken any writers’ courses and have they been worthwhile?

I have never taken a writing course beyond high school, and taught myself. I consider myself a relatively well read individual and received my story crafting training at the dining room table. Allow me to explain. I am, and will always be a table top gamer(D&D, Vampire the Masquerade, Shadowrun, etc.). A table top role playing game is a form of cooperative storytelling, in which the players create personas that interact with the imaginative world of the game master. I have played in and have “ran’ these games as a player and game master since the age of 15. I am now 37 years old. Gaming has provided a well-spring of lessons regarding storytelling.

Q.Have you ever belonged to a writers’ group? And what value did you gain from it?

A. I network with other writers if that’s what you mean, and that provides an enormous amount of support.

Q.Is self-publishing satisfying enough for you or would you prefer to be traditionally published?

A. I am not interested at all in using a traditional publisher. I want to involve as few people as possible in my projects. Nor do I want to involve an entire agency with their demands, deadlines, and restrictions.

Q.Have you ever tried to find an agent?

A.No, and don’t want to.

Q.What would you expect an agent could do for you that you can’t do for yourself?

To find me a publisher if I needed one

.Q.Do you think you can make a full-time career being an Indie writer?


Q.How long have you been writing?

I wrote some in school, but I had problems with linking ideas to make a complete story.  It wasn’t until recently that I was able to.

Q.What drew you to want to write a book?

I wanted to read it, and it didn’t exist

 Q.From where did you get the idea for this current story?

A. A few years ago I grew a fascination with steam punk, which gave me an idea to write a steam punk flavored Civil War book. One of my idols is Nikola Tesla. He and his revolutionary, but underappreciated contributions to the modern world was a hefty inspiration for this book. In time, my other interests in sci-fi, fantasy, and metaphysics made it so much more than a work of civil war fiction.

Q.How did you go about developing it?

A Notes, notes, and  more notes

Q.What is your next project?

A. Aethernaut Chronicles is intended to be a series, but the sequels are being shelved for now. My current project is a dark fantasy set in Victorian Germany.

Thank you Jeremy for taking time out to share with us today.

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