Above and Beyond Dark Waters by Des Birch

Above and Beyond Dark Waters by Des Birch

Above and Beyond Dark Waters

Above and Beyond Dark Waters

Tells the tale of Jane, a 12 year-old girl who likes to read about superheroes.  She dreams of flying through the sky and saving the world.  Then nature lends a hand, turning her into five different species in turn, so that she can view life from a very different prospective.  In the end, Jane realises what a superhero really is.

About the author

Des Birch was born in Limerick, Eire but moved to England when he was a baby. He moved from Buckinghamshire to Norfolk when he was ten, but attended a private school near Southampton. He has two children whom he has raised on his own since they were ten and eight respectively. He works in engineering but has gained a BSc and a Dip. Pol. Con. with the Open University. He also gained a TEFL diploma with which he spent two years teaching in Spain. Des now lives in Norwich with his wife Julie.
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A Quinling’s Exciting Adventures, April 8, 2015
This review is from: Above and Beyond Dark Waters (Kindle Edition)

The first book I ever read by this talented author was the first book: Beyond Dark Waters. I gave it 5 stars because it was highly original and well written. Author, Des Birch received the ePublishing Consortium Writer Award of Merit for that book.

I’ve enjoyed reading the sequel and I think young adults will love it. They’ll love it because the lessons the Quinling learned are lessons all of us could benefit from. . . All life is connected. You’ll fall in love with all the species Jane (a Quinling) meets and learns many valuable lessons from. I would categorize this book as `fantasy’. I love fantasy!

I’ve been asked many times what species I’d want to be if I had a choice. My answer is a bird. This is possibly one reason I love this book so much. Read this wonderful book and you’ll quickly see why I say this.

This is a ‘stand alone’ novel and I highly recommend you read this book and book one!

Rebecca Scarberry (@Scarberryfields on Twitter)



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