A Whisper In The Shadows by Tom Fallwell

A Whisper in the Shadows

A Whisper in the Shadows

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The Rangers of Laerean are the protectors of the people, the heroes of Hir. Their exploits are legendary and their great deeds recounted in tales across the ages. These are the stories that will be told for generations.
A Whisper In The Shadows begins a thrilling and action-packed journey for the Rangers, centering around the Ranger known as Baric. Assigned to a task with a beautiful and exotic Vaar’da assassin called Whisper, Baric promises to help her solve the mystery of her recurring nightmares that are eating away at her soul and filling her heart with fear and despair. The quest becomes more complicated when those nightmares lead them to an artifact of unbelievable power that threatens the entire world they live in.
As the journey takes them across the world of Hir, Whisper’s dreams become more and more troubling, and she soon learns there is some dark force behind the terrifying images of her nightmares. They are eventually led to a discovery that reveals missing fragments from her past, and an artifact of unspeakable power, and they are forced to seek help from other Rangers.

The quest soon becomes a dangerous mission for the renowned Rangers as a small group undertake a mission into an area of Hir that men do not travel, where monsters roam and thrive. They must delve deep into the bowels of an active volcano, Mount Scorch, to stop the impending disaster that looms before them. Into the very heart of the territory ruled by the demonic Manenase.

The fate of their world depends upon the courage and skills of the group of Rangers and their Vaar’da companion. Can they survive the quest and stop the impending devastation? They must solve the mystery of … A Whisper In The Shadows.
Here is what others are saying about this book, which is rated 4.8 Stars.
“There are many engaging characters in this story and I found myself right there with them in their struggles. In my mind, this is equal to Lord of the Rings and similar epics with its sweeping vistas, countless battles. and the eternal struggle of good and evil.”
“This book could well be the beginning of an incredible and epic saga.”
“Grabbed my imagination from the third word. Off I went to another land and other people to fill my mind with what might be. Intriguing and a fun read.”
“The characters were well fleshed out, each with their own unique personalities and touch upon real life issues. I enjoyed chemistry of their interactions and it made for a very pleasant read.”
“Gripping, entertaining and a fascinating adventure from the start. The author wastes no time in setting the perfect pace and plot for this fantasy novel and I couldn’t put it down. The diversity of the characters and the world which has been created is wonderful and makes this a rich and fulfilling read. I cannot wait for the next book in this series!”
“The book’s pacing was smoothly delivered, the action visually engaging, and the underlining intrigue of Whisper’s deadly dreams did a wonderful job in keeping the story’s forward motion.”
“Quick paced and dramatic, the story will leave you looking for more. The characters are well-developed and easy to imagine as they pursue their mission, and learn from each other.”

About the Author

Tom FallwellBorn in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma in 1951, Tom Fallwell spent much of his career as a software developer and programmer. Now retired from that field, he has taken up writing, which he had always loved to do, but did not have the time to indulge himself in. Now he is writing the stories he had always wanted to write.
Still living in Oklahoma, Tom is active in church, running the sound system and sometimes teaching adult Sunday School. He has always had a love of fantasy and science fiction, both in reading and in movies. His love of story telling came as a result of playing table top role playing games with friends, in which he created adventures for the other players to experience.
Twitter Name: https://twitter.com/RhemaTom
Facebook Name: https://www.facebook.com/TomFallwellAuthor/


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Knowledge is the goal.

Wisdom is the key.

Ignorance can be deadly.

You can never know too much.

You will always know too little.

Seeking knowledge is a lifelong pursuit.

Now, if I can convince my students to follow this mantra, I’d be in great shape. Joking aside, one of the major themes in A Whisper in the Shadows , an action-paced fantasy adventure novel by Tom Fallwell is education for the benefit of oneself and for society, and accepting that others, even those with whom you have a history of antagonism, may be of value to you. Raimerestha, aka. Whisper, seeks assistance from the Rangers of Larean, specifically from Baric. Although Whisper belongs to the Vaar’da race and has a long history of tension with humans, Baric accepts her request for help, partly out of a code of gallantry he lives by and partly because he is impressed with her skills as a Shadow Walker. As the two embark on their journey, fighting bandits, enormous wasps, and other creatures along the way, the two discovery a mutual attraction, even as Baric learns that the original mission was a ruse.

Aside from the theme of education and tolerance, there is integrity, honor, humility, and friendship/cooperation. There are a number of moral lessons to be learned from this book, but one of my favorites is the dangers of excessive pride. Allowing oneself to be driven by power, money, or glory can have deadly consequences. However, this book’s didactic value comes from the story itself, and thus does not come across as preachy or moralistic. With no shortage of action-there is always a deadly beast lurking in the shadows, waiting to attack-there is never a dull moment in A Whisper in the Shadows.


Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

A Whisper in the Shadows is a solid tale of adventure and magic. The main cast includes the warrior hero Baric and his band of altruistic and skilled rangers who sacrifice (some of them literally) for the good of the world. Throw in a beautiful assassin with ulterior motives who enlists the help of Baric and company to battle against myriad of fierce creatures in precarious subterranean locales and you have the makings of some great fantasy.
Fallwell’s straightforward writing of travels and battles works well for this novel. You won’t be saying, “Less talk, more action” as you journey with the Rangers of Laerean on this exciting quest.


Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

I absolutely loved this book. Baric and Whisper embark on a mission together, neither knowing much about the other. Baric is a warrior of the famed Rangers of Laerean and Whisper is an emissary from the Vaar’da people. She approaches the Rangers asking for help in a rescue and Baric is chosen to assist her, but he soon discovers her intent is quite different. Despite this, he decides to continue and as their journey progresses, their respect for each other grows. He is a man of principle, one who dedicates himself to good, and Whisper is a magician and a skilled fighter. These attributes serve them well as their adventure unfolds.

There are many engaging characters in this story and I found myself right there with them in their struggles. In my mind, this is equal to Lord of the Rings and similar epics with its sweeping vistas, countless battles. and the eternal struggle of good and evil.

An excellent read and very well written. I look forward to the next book in this series with much anticipation. 5 stars


Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

A Whisper In The Shadows, by Tom Fallwell, is the start of an epic adventure series, and it’s off to a great start. Beric, one of the legendary Rangers of Laerean, and a Vaar’da assassin, Whisper, undertake a quest, which uses magic and physical prowess to dispatch a demon. Quick paced and dramatic, the story will leave you looking for more. The characters are well-developed and easy to imagine as they pursue their mission, and learn from each other. If you are a fantasy reader and don’t mind waiting for that “next book,” here’s a great place to start. Enjoyed it a lot.


Format: Kindle Edition

Aside from G.R.R. Martin’s Song of Ice and Fire, and Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings series, I rarely read epic fantasy, however, I was offered a review copy of this novel and was intrigued right away by the blurb and very memorable cover.

The story follows Baric, a ‘Bear’ of a man and member of the famed ‘Rangers of Laerean’ and Whisper, a mysterious female assassin and part of an elvish race of people called the Vaar’da. There adventure is arduous and strung together with one epic battle to the next.

As I read along through their epic quest, part of me wished that I was reading a detailed synopsis of a fantasy video game, and left me wishing to have the opportunity to take control of these characters or fight along side them in their epic quest.

The story involves many creatures, shadow magic, dream walking, and epic sword play, all of which is delivered in an easy to read, fast paced style that brings you up to speed on the vast lore that develops (or unfolds) throughout the book, and is certain to grow and evolve in future books in the series.

This series, and the author are new to me, but i will be looking forward to more in this series, and will be checking for more titles by this author.

A whisper in the shadows is a quick and exciting read, and a treat for any fantasy gamers, or lovers of fantasy literature. Dive into this book and get your quest on with the Rangers of Laerean. This book could well be the beginning of an incredible and epic saga.



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