A Single Step by Georgia Rose

A Single Step by Georgia Rose

A Single Step

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A Single Step is the mysterious and romantic first book in The Grayson Trilogy and tells the story of Emma Grayson who after suffering a tragedy gets a job on the Melton Estate to look after the horses for Lord and Lady Cavendish. Though seeking solitude she finds herself reluctantly having to interact with her fellow workers including Trent who has had his own share of troubles and is none too welcoming. After a difficult start Emma suspects there is more to the estate than she first realised but before she can find out anything else her life is threatened in a series of escalating attacks so that just when she thinks she is finally moving on it looks like she has lost everything.

About the Author

Georgia RoseGeorgia Rose is the author of The Grayson Trilogy which is set on the fictional Melton Estate in the beautiful English countryside. Georgia called on her own knowledge of country living and her background working with horses to write these books but wishes to make it clear that she has never lived anywhere near as grand as Melton Manor and this fabulous setting is purely from her imagination and is built on the foundations of her fantasies! Georgia lives as quiet a life as it is possible to have while juggling her writing with the demands of running her home, her much-neglected family and her own business and she is forever playing catch-up – with not much chance of ever doing so.
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Draws you in and hooks you tight

By Geoffrey West on April 10, 2014

Format: Kindle Edition

A Single Step isn’t the sort of book I usually read, but I’m very glad I did. It’s a mystery and a romance that’s seamlessly literary and carries you along as the captivating plot unfolds. It’s a first person narrative, my personal favourite type of novel, and the heroine, Emma Grayson is a complex person. The story starts with her having an interview for a new job, a way of making a totally fresh start after a long period of personal troubles. The new situation she finds herself in is fascinating: a huge complex farm and fine old manor house, run in a military style, where Emma’s job is to be to set up riding stables and look after the horses when they arrive. Along with her beloved dog, Suzi, Emma intends to work alone, and keep her distance from everyone. But when she meets her new kind-hearted colleagues, she finds she can’t help making friends, yet we wonder, what is happening that she doesn’t know about? What is this large farm’s business? Is it all it seems, or are there lurking mysteries under the surface, that Emma knows nothing about? Why is her new employer so interested in her unarmed combat abilities, and how has he found out all about her previous life before she even met him? And when the handsome taciturn Trent comes into her orbit she dislikes him at first, especially as his past is a total mystery that no one will talk about . . .
Emma has a lot of problems. She is recovering from her own personal tragedy and marriage break-up, and all she wants is to start afresh in her own time, in her own space. But try as she might to remain aloof and alone, she finds that she has to accept help occasionally. And she’s extremely glad of this assistance when events take more and more sinister turns until she finds herself in mortal danger. Yet who is her unknown enemy?


By Eat Sleep Read Review on January 20, 2015

Format: Kindle Edition

Book received in exchange for an honest review.

Emma Grayson has suffered far more than any woman should have to and I immediately liked and sympathized with the character. In actual fact, the author does such a good job of forging a connection with the character and the reader that I found myself in emotional turmoil at times. Emma is sweet woman, however due to her past, she is untrusting – and understandably so. Therefore, at times she comes across a bit short.

To get to the crux of it, Emma takes a job at a beautiful and remote estate. There she settles in well with the other employees. The love interest – Trent, first comes across as a bit of a rude, control freak. However, as we begin to gain more knowledge about him, we also gain a better understanding into why he behaves in the way he does. As the story progresses, Trent and Emma must trust each other and soon the chemistry settles in. I really can’t say much more here to avoid spoilers.

I prefer a fast to moderately paced read and I found this book to be a little slow in places. However, at times I felt the relaxed movement necessary to give the reader time to deal with the myriad of emotions some parts evoke. Some of the hints that were dropped glared at me, others were well executed. As a genre, I think this belongs in Women’s Fiction, regardless of the suspense and romance aspects of it. All round, a great read in a genre I wouldn’t necessarily pick up.


By SensoryMama on May 2, 2014

Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

It took me a bit to get interested in the story. However, once I was pulled in, I couldn’t put it down. I really loved it and look forward to reading more by this author.


By Barb Taub on September 26, 2014

Format: Kindle Edition

“Oh, no,” I thought when I saw the quote from Jane Eyre at the beginning of A Single Step, Georgia Rose’s first book of The Grayson Trilogy. Despite (or perhaps because of?) my appreciation for all things Austen, that particular Brontë oeuvre has always been my least favorite. I braced myself for yet another gothic— orphaned young heroine, gloomy mansion complete with turrets, sinister servants, family members who’ve met with untimely deaths, mysteriously significant piece of jewelry, foreboding weather that mirrors the frightening events.

Thank you Ms. Rose for proving me wrong! Her version of gothic does indeed involve an orphaned heroine, the grieving Emma Grayson. But from that point on, Georgia Rose grabs hold of the gothic genre with both hands and makes it her own. Emma, though deeply damaged by the loss of her child and subsequent meltdown of her marriage, has a quiet inner strength that lets her rebuild her life on her own terms. She accepts a job managing the stables on an aristocratic estate, where she is soon fending off romantic offers from coworkers, and orders from her supervisor, the enigmatic Trent.

I don’t hesitate to give A Single Step five stars out of five. While I’m not normally a fan of careful, deliberate pacing, in this book it lets readers get to know Emma, peeling back the protective layers she’s built around her wounds. We get a picture of her quietly stubborn strength. And—this part is the most fun for an American like me—we get to see it play out in that most British of settings, the estate plus neighboring village and pub. Yes, there are a few points that were unresolved, such as who actually slipped the advert for the new job under Emma’s door. But those are the kind of loose ends that the remaining books of the series will undoubtedly address.

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