A Sheik for Rose by Lizabeth Scott

A Sheik for Rose by Lizabeth Scott

A Sheik for Rose

A Sheik for Rose

A Sheik for Rose is the first installment in Lizabeth Scott’s Hearts of Gold Series.
Rose Gold was the triplet that took the business world by storm. At least in her mind. In reality, she was no more than the assistant to the assistant of the vice president of Royston Oil. Instead of wheeling and dealing to make billion dollar deals, she was running for coffee, picking up dry cleaning, and filing.

Her business degree hadn’t prepared her for the reality of climbing her way up the corporate ladder. Rose knew she had to pay her dues by starting at the bottom and working her way to the top. That was, after all, in her five year plan. She was determined to prove she could make it on her own by using her brains and shrewdness to stand out, and Corporate would finally notice her worth to the company.  If she worked hard enough, she could eventually begin using her talents for much more than picking up skinny decaf latte’s. What did that even mean anyway?

All she had to do was stay the course and wait for her moment. Then one day, the vice president of Royston Oil called her into his office. Rose knew without a doubt this was her chance to shine and show them exactly what she could do. No merger or requisition would stand a chance with Rose Gold leading the team.
With a spring in her step and determination in her eyes she straightened her skirt and suit jacket before knocking on the door to announce her arrival. Intuition or nosiness made her fist pause before making contact with the wooden door. Her boss and the vice president were talking about her. She knew she should make her presence known, but something about the way they said her name piqued her curiosity.
What Rose overheard turned the glint of determination in her eye to flat out resentment. It seemed the only reason they chose her to represent Royston Oil was because Sheik Rashid had a thing for blonde, busty women. Instead of getting angry at their obvious stereotyping she decided to show them a thing or two. She would get the Sheik’s signature on the oil processing rights by using nothing more than her skills and intelligence. It was time she shook up the “Old Boy’s Club.”

What Rose hadn’t planned on was the infuriating rudeness of Sheik Rashid. She had a week to meet with him and get his signature. Each day the thoughtless Sheik cancelled their scheduled meeting for what she suspected was nothing more than a romp in the sack. But she had a plan. He had cancelled on her for the last time. Little did Rose know, her plan would lead to a night of unrivaled sensuality and pleasure at the hands of one annoying sheik.
The deal she was forced to make just may end up changing her life forever.
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A Sheik for Rose
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By Picky Reader on January 19, 2015

Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

I’ve never read a sheik romance. Not for any reason in particular; just never came across my shelves. But I think, and maybe I’m wrong here, but it seems that the idea behind them is to take the billionaire fantasy and up the ante by a zillion. Stress on the word “fantasy.” So that’s how I approached this story–as pure fantasy. After all, it’s a made-up country with a made-up ruler and why get bogged down in the specifics? That said, if you go into this book expecting a gritty, feminist manifesto you’d be sorely disappointed. But if you take it as the fantasy it is, as I did, you can roll with the plot that is frothy, sexy, and fast-paced.

Rose works for an oil company and is sent to secure the signature of a Sheik Rashid for processing rights. Only he’s too busy letting off the stresses of his job with various women at his disposal. Needless to say, after he claps eyes on Rose (okay, he does more than clap “eyes” on her 😉 ) he’s smitten but in a possessive, powerful-ruler type way. Rose tries to enlighten her sheik to some more Western ideals of women’s place in society was earnest, tucked into a plot that moves at a break-neck speed. The steamy bits were frequent but not overdone; i liked the progression from mere lust, to lust and love on both side of the relationship, and thought the sisterly relationship was well described and heart-warming.

Overall a fun, steamy little read and I had to laugh at the author’s intentional names for the heroine and her triplet sisters. Silva Ann Gold? Brilliant!



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