A Journey of Faith shortly to be Published

A Journey of Faith by Ann Harrision

A Journey of Faith


My name is Ann Harrison and I am in the process of writing a novel entitled A Journey of Faith. The book has not been published as of yet, but you can be a part of that process as potential readers. Let me explain a little about the book, then I will tell you how you can help me get it published.
Becca Martin witnessed a tragic accident when  she was twelve years old. Sixteen years later, after suffering from endless nightmares and the fear of rock climbing, she has a strong desire to take a Journey down a path that has been chosen by God. During her journey, she learns to trust in the Lord, and others to help her make the climbs she must make to reach her destination. During this journey, she hears a voice in the back of her mind crying “God help me!” The further she travels, the louder the voice gets, and the more vivid her dreams become.
However, once she reaches the small village of Tensil Town where her aunt and uncle live, she explains what she’s had to face during the past sixteen years of her life. Jason Miller, the police deputy believes that the incident wasn’t a pure accident. He thinks that someone caused the accident, and wants Becca to help him and the chief of police Zac Broun investigate. Will Becca be able to remember what she saw sixteen years ago? and will she be able to face her fear of rock climbing in order to assist in the Sweet Water State Park investigation? Is someone sabotaging the rock slopes, stepping stones, and biking paths at the park?
If you are interested in reading my book, please visit http://soopllc.com/blog/book-ideas/journey-faith-ann-harrison and cast your vote today. your support is greatly appreciated.



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