A Friend’s Betrayal by Monica Thomas

A Friend's Betrayal by  Monica Thomas

A Friend’s Betrayal

A Friend’s Betrayal

Agnes Sanchez is a young teenager just moving to a new town. She tries to fit into the new town and make new friends. One mistake she makes during one night of partying comes back to haunt her on one fateful night.

About the author

Monica Helene Thomas of Gainesville, Florida is a book author of three other published books. “My Brother’s Keeper”, “What a Crooked Web We Weave” and “A Friend’s Betrayal“.

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Agnes Sanchez was the typical little girl, growing up in the suburbs with her two wonderful parents. Her mother Marlene Sanchez was a thirty eight year old widower who worked as an assembly line worker at Toy Land. She single-handedly raised Agnes for several years until she met her second husband Hubert Sanchez. The two met one day when Hubert came down to the factory to complain to the manager. He felt the factory was responsible for his breathing problems since he lived in such close proximity to the factory.

Day in and day out, Hubert told the factory manager that he’s forced to inhale the toxic fumes coming from their factory. Even though Hubert stood there and expressed his concern for his health and threatened to file a complaint with the city’s commission but it was to no avail. In return the manager kept explaining to him that there’s really nothing they can do about the pollution coming from their factory. Feeling like his concerns had fallen on deaf ears Hubert finally gave up and stormed out the door, the same one Marlene was coming in.

At that moment when time seemed to have slowed down for them, they caught each other’s eye and have been together ever since. Right after the couple got married in May 1982, Hubert adopted Agnes and had her last name changed as well. The family then waited until Agnes turned fourteen before they decided to pack up and move to another town to get away from the pollution. Agnes wasn’t too thrilled with the idea of moving at first, it meant that she’ll be leaving behind all her friends she’d grown to know. That’s why their family waited until she was ready for high school before they made the transition.







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