A French Affair- by Amelie Rose

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A French Affair by Amelie Rose (author)

A French Affair

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France 1943
A train load of stolen art heading for Berlin is hijacked and two brothers escape with a carriage-load of contents. For those who knew, the episode was written into history as a tragic loss of life and a cache of priceless art, destroyed. Or was it?
France 2013
Silvie and Tom Roth are in France on a buying trip for their successful London-based retail business. Also planned is a short holiday but fate intervenes and they are forced to cut their trip short and return to London to deal with the aftermath of a very sophisticated theft.

Months later, as the couple prepares to move into an abandoned cottage they have purchased in France with the small amount of capital they have left, tragedy happens and Silvie is left to move in alone, widowed, and unexpectedly pregnant.

Slowly, Silvie begins to re-build her life but when an old diary from 1943 is found, its final entry seems set to shatter her desperately won peace. Nothing is going quite the way she would like. She has fallen in love with her self-appointed protector, Amis Lamar, learns she is having two babies not one, is burgled and subjected to a terrifying late night invasion and, in general, life seems to have taken on the mantle of an out-of-control merry-go-round and Silvie wants to get off.
Enter the beautiful Sabine, who is determined to have Amis for herself, and Silvie has had enough. It’s time to get her life back – whatever it takes.

Amelie Rose was born in the UK and now lives in the arty crafty gold mining town of Waihi, New Zealand with her husband and best friend. Their travels take them regularly back to the UK and Europe where they love to explore museums and ancient places. Amelie’s most recent novel, Murder in Brambly Cott, shortly to be available on Amazon.com, is what she describes as a fun diversion from her favored romance genre and short stories. 

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Format:Kindle Edition|Amazon Verified Purchase
For a guy who has never read a romance novel in his life, I really enjoyed this book. Great characters, exotic locations, well-timed flashbacks, Nazis, the French Resistance…what more could you want? Bring forth the follow-on, plus the movie…starring Diane Lane, of course! Well done Amelie Rose.
Format: Kindle Edition

In A French Affair, author Amelie Rose immediately sends the reader back in history as she cleverly sets up what is to come. I found here writing style refreshingly crisp; delivered with apparent ease as she develops her characters through heart-warming dialogue. Amelie Rose has a natural way of inviting the reader into her world in a most gracious way. Her characters come to life as she “shows” you that condition that exists between a man and a woman in love with each other, their life together, and in most instances their shared hopes and dreams. You can definitly go home again, but what awaits may very well be totally different than what you expected. In short, I very much liked A French Affair by Amelie Rose and would highly recommend it to all readers. Ron Shaw

Format: Paperback

I loved this book by Amelie Rose and it was the first of her books that I had read. She writes very evocatively and with an understated passion which is both tangible yet elusive. She was able to keep a balance between my empathy for her characters, yet a desire to become move involved with them and I admire that skill. The beauty and tragedy of France was captured and her ability to weave a mystery is undisputed. I am not a romance reader by nature but this has put that genre back into my focus.

Format: Kindle Edition

I really enjoyed this book and the authors style of writing. When a colleague of Silvie and her husband steals all their money, events snowball out of control. Amelie Rose’s characters are very realistic and I can imagine anybody reacting in that way on hearing such devastating news. The mystery of the farm house was a fascinating twist that took the story beyond the normal romance genre.

Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

I really got into the story. I liked the way she went from the war years to the present time. Stayed up half the night to finish it. bgvillemez

Format: Kindle Edition

I enjoyed this sweet sentimental book although I felt it was a bit slow at the beginning. It took a while for the story to get going, but once it did I found the story very interesting and a good read. Silvie Roth is married and her husband and her have a business going. When colleagues steal their money they lose the business and then Silvie also loses her husband. In spite of this her dreams come true when she moves to a beautiful house and his helped by her husbands best friend Amis to regain her life. There is also a secret associated with the house that is what brings mystery and excitement to the book. I enjoyed the writing style and the romantic nature of the book, although I don’t read much romance I found this novel had just the right touch of romance. Good job. I am looking forward to reading other novels by this author.

Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

Author Amelie Rose gets right into high gear when two engaging characters are swindled and nearly financially ruined. Help comes unexpectedly on a business trip to France. There Sylvie and her husband Tom are practically given an abandoned farmhouse that is the stuff of Sylvie’s dreams. But who was their mysterious benefactor? Why was Sylvie chosen to own this particular house? And what exactly has the owner hidden in his cellar? You’ll be grateful for the lack of further plot spoilers here. Just one reservation: here and there the style could have used some freshening. But the plot is so compelling, the characters are so nicely drawn, the mystery is so layered, that the novel deserves its five stars. This would make a wonderful film, I agree,





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