A Curse upon the Saints by J. Rutger Madison

A Curse upon the Saints

A Curse upon the Saints

A Curse upon the Saints

In a desperate attempt to win an eight-year holy war, a corrupt cardinal forges an alliance with the Sarbarah, a race of slavers. Now, a war-weary soldier, his idealistic sister, and a devoted father must put aside past differences and confront this new threat to humanity.

With characters that are easy to root for, A Curse upon the Saints weaves theme of faith and disillusionment throughout the plot. It is a story of religious conflict, inter-species rivalry, intrigue, magic, and slavery. Most of all, it is a tale of good people – despite years of mistrust and hatred – uniting to defeat evil.

” The characters and plots were intricate enough to be interesting, but not so complex that I felt the need to keep notes. The pace was perfect, good foreshadowing but still plenty of surprises…” ~ Amazon reviewer Josh D. (see full review below)

About the author

J.Rutger Madison began his adult life as an attorney. Once it became obvious being an attorney was not conducive to good mental health, he switched to software development. When not writing fantasy, he blogs about games, religion (or the lack of it), politics, and running from his Southern heritage Madison, Mississippi..  He lives with his wife and two greyhounds.
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While I enjoy reading fantasy, I have not branched out much beyond the mainstream. Like many others, I find myself worshiping at the altar of George RR Martin, and seeking worlds similar to his to explore. A Curse Upon The Saints has absolutely delivered, and that is easily the highest praise I can imagine giving an author.

Like other readers, I generally pick out my favorite in a story and pull for them throughout the book. Here, however, the author has done an incredible job making a weak character strong, a strong character weak, and forcing the reader to constantly re-evaluate their personal connections to the individuals and factions. Reading the synopsis and the first few pages, I would never have expected to be so captivated by the violent goat-men that enslaved their victims, or so enthralled with the development of a simple wife and daughter escaping the books initial attack. And this is artfully done in a way that makes you not realize that you’ve become so intrigued, because it wasn’t forced on you but rather built over many pages and events as the story unfolds. The relationship between magic and religion, and how the various races and factions practice both, really pulls the reader in and creates excitement and wonder at what could happen next in any given situation.

I really enjoyed my first read through of this book. The characters and plots were intricate enough to be interesting, but not so complex that I felt the need to keep notes. The pace was perfect, good foreshadowing but still plenty of surprises, and there was never a part that I felt slowed down unnecessarily. I’d refer to this as an “easy read”, because I found myself eager to pick up the book and continue at every opportunity – I never had to force myself to continue.Read more ›


Format: Kindle Edition

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As a Mississippi sf/f author, I am perhaps biased by my delight at finding another one. This was only the first thing to delight me about Madison’s book. A Curse Upon the Saints is a dark, rugged fantasy, the first block of book laid down for an edifice of epic. This is a world shattered by religious war and interspecies rivalries. The vicious goat-men who appear in the first pages of the novel, the Sarbarah, are demonically cruel, but not entirely without honor or tenderness. The most appealing of the protagonists – a lawyer, of all people, who is enslaved by an invading army of Sarbarah – is allowed to survive because he happens to play the flute. Through his patience and cunning, he manages to purvey this tiny influence into a perilous position of power.The author cheerfully acknowledges the influence of George R.R. Martin in this sprawling work. The depth of intrigue and worldbuilding make this the same kind of addictive setting as Westeros. The dialogue could have used some polishing, and the various sniping factions are often confusing, but this is not enough to keep one from turning the pages. I would give this 4 1/2 stars if I could, and I look forward to seeing more.– L.T. Patridge (The Kindle Book Review)


By ckh on February 16, 2015

Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

I greatly enjoyed getting the smll taste of the world the Mr. Madison has created. He takes a group of very different characters, who at first seems to have disparate plot lines, and weaves them together into a satisfying adventure. Also, the questions of the religion in his world is intriguing. The characters are struggling with their faith and no answers are given about what is real or not regarding their gods. This is a satisfying ‘realistic’ approach to questions of faith. Ultimately this novel succeeds on several levels. Firstly it is a simple fantsy adventure, though apparently Book 1 in a series, tells a complete story and could be a stand-alone story. It shows us believable characters dealing with conflicting views of faith that gives depths beyond a simple fantady setting. Finally there are enough questions let unanswered so that when I finished I wanted to know what happens next.



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