A Chronicle of Chaos by D M Cain

A Chronicle of Chaos by D M Cain

A Chronicle of Chaos by D M Cain

A Chronicle of Chaos by D M Cain

Five demons have been dragged from the deepest bowels of hell, summoned to the human realm to do the bidding of their mysterious master, The Bavelize. Hired as mercenaries to fight for the Brotherhood of Shadow, the demons will wreak havoc across the world until their bloodlust has been quenched.
The battle between the Brotherhood of Shadow and the Children of Light has raged for centuries, the whole world dragged into their eternal conflict. The two immense armies are perfectly matched and whenever one gains the upper hand, the other soon counters. They are at a stalemate until the Brotherhood calls Phantom, Anathema, Maleficia, Lilith and Anubis out of hell to fight for them, in the hope of finally tipping the scales in their favour.
A powerful Children of Light warrior named Chaos Lennox basks in the glory of being the highest ranking fighter of his generation, but his arrogance and impulsiveness prevent him from being given the opportunities he desires. He believes there are none that can defeat him, and if he is only given the chance, he could show the world just how talented he is.
A fateful coincidence puts Chaos and the demon Anathema in the same place at the same time and the two strike up a conflicted but passionate friendship, which soon turns to something more. Both men find solace in the friendship, without knowing who their companion truly is. Their obsession for one another drags both of them from their loyalties and forces them to consider – what is more important, their destiny or their desire?
When angels are dragged into the conflict, the battle intensifies, and the barriers between life and death, angel and demon, good and evil become blurred…
This book is the first in a unique YA fantasy series – The Light and Shadow Chronicles. The timeline of the series spans thousands of years and tracks the war that has plagued the planet for eternity. This series has it all – vampires, immortals and people with incredible powers. It also challenges prejudices and explores the rarely-encountered topic of homosexuality in the fantasy genre.
Each novel takes the journey of a different character and tells their part in the never-ending battle. The books can be read in any order and characters dip in and out of each novel. The first book may tell the story of a man in his adulthood. The next may be set after that character’s death, or before his birth.
Putting the story together is up to you – the order of events is not important.
But each and every story leads the different strands of the world to the same conclusion…
The final battle…
The apocalypse.

D. M. Cain earned her bachelor’s degree in psychology and English literature before moving to Japan to teach English for two years. Returning to England, she now works as an elementary school teacher.
Cain has two published novels – dark, dystopian prison thriller ‘The Phoenix Project’ and epic YA fantasy ‘A Chronicle of Chaos.’ She is currently editing and formatting the next in the series – ‘A Shield of Soren’ which is due for release in May 2015.
Cain currently lives in Leicestershire with her husband and young son.


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‘A Chronicle of Chaos’ is a love story, but not just any love story. Cain builds on the classic Romeo and Juliet trope but this isn’t just as tale of Montague and Capulet, of enemies discovering their love for each other and the impossible odds against realizing it. It is that of course, but not just that. It’s not just a story of love between two men where homoerotic love is sensationalised, though their love is to be found to be sensational. It is a love story that it both unbelievable and yet utterly believable and it is one that demands to be felt as the characters explore their feelings for each other.That’s it, that’s the review.

Though I suppose saying a few more things wouldn’t hurt.

Cain builds a world full of character and exemplifies the use of classic tropes in storytelling to build a feeling of familiarity and then subtly twisting them into something different. You think you’ve read the classic story of heaven versus hell, the war between demon and angel? You’ve not read Cain’s version. Think you know the story of an elite band of soldiers who don’t age? Think again. You’ll start the book thinking you know how the story will go and at the end you’ll realise that the ending is vastly different to your original expectations yet it was inevitably all along.

Something to keep in mind is that this is the first book in a series and as such there is a lot of world building going on, a lot of names are placed out there. This book is the foundation. Though don’t get confused, this story isn’t the beginning. When you start reading this book you are already well into a four hundred year war. As the series progresses each book will jump around the timeline, giving the whole story but not necessarily in a linear fashion, much like a Tarantino movie.

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5.0 out of 5 stars A page turner! 2 Nov 2014
Format:Kindle Edition
I’m very impressed with the way Cain had put a spin on the familiar “good vs evil” story with this book. With angels, demons, magic, and great adventures, this is definitely a book to be placed on your “must-read” list!I must admit that in the beginning, I was a bit overwhelmed with the introduction of so many proper nouns—Meraxor, the Brotherhood, Beveliza, Vincent, Chaos—but the story quickly settled into a great pace. It gave me enough time to catch up to what all those people/places were, and it definitely kept my attention! Even though some authors may lose their readers by introducing so many concepts and people and places at once, Cain started off her story beautifully, with just enough characterization and detail to keep the story going and allow the reader to fully immerse himself/herself into the world that she has created.

We are quickly introduced to the main character, Chaos—a talented warrior who ends up feeling underappreciated because of where he was stationed. Even though he’s a little cocky and overconfident, I can relate to him and he was a great center for the novel. Chaos meets Anathema, a demon in disguise, at a bar when they were both feeling the same way. They seemed to have a connection—which leads to the main plot of the novel that involves plenty of tension and tough choices.

This is a wonderfully written, original story by Cain. The writing was rich, and characters relatable and likable, and it gripped me from the beginning to the end. I definitely recommend this for anybody who enjoys a good fantasy, and I will definitely be checking out some of Cain’s other works and eagerly await the next book!

Format:Kindle Edition
“A Chronicle of Chaos” by D.M. Cain – the first in The Light and Shadow Chronicles series is an glorious beginning to what appears to be an Epic Saga, that stretches for at least 5 books; fear not though, each book is a standalone story as each follows the lives and fates of certain individuals.
Good and evil, light vs. shadow, heaven vs. hell – yet strangely, no right vs. wrong. This is a book of grays, of the shadows it so deeply employs and explores. Morality vs. immorality, yet no white and black. It is a perfect blending and it made me stop more than once to consider the how’s and whys of conviction, and why certain things are accepted, even expected to be just one way.
Five demons have been summoned by the Bavelize to shed the chains of Hell and serve an Earthly Master, Vincent Wilda of the Brotherhood of Shadows. Their mission is both simple and complex – disguise themselves as human and help the Brotherhood in their long war against The Children of Light. These Children are led by Callista, a 396 year old Matriarch that has birthed 46 children and countless grandchildren. One of the brethren is Chaos, a young and head strong, not to mention arrogant, solider convinced he is the one to rid the world of the Brotherhood as the prophecy predicts.
His arrogance and Anathema’s (one of the 5 demons released from Hell) youth prove to be a volatile combination that changes the fate of all factions involved, and lays the foundation for questions creation itself.




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