A Certain Someone by Ali O’Donovan

A Certain Someone by  Ali O'Donovan

A Certain Someone

A Certain Someone

But it is the arrival of Philo a former college rival that really forces Annie to look in the mirror. Now remade as a social climbing glamazon and married to one of Ireland’s richest men, Philo has designs on both Mart and Scott.

As Annie tries to raise money for a children’s hospice she is forced to go begging to her former “frenemy”. But she has to face some painful home truths before she can sort out who really is that “certain someone”.
“A Certain Someone” is a sharply observed romantic comedy featuring a bruised heroine trying to find love beyond the clichés of hearts and flowers.

About the author

Ali O’Donovan was born in Ireland and grew up in the U.K. She has previously worked in media education around the globe and is an award-winning producer. She now lives in France with her “certain someone” and young daughter.
She has lived and worked all over the world – from the United States and Canada to Sweden, South America and Australia. But is firmly of the opinion that Kerry in the south of Ireland is, despite the rain, a little bit of heaven.


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Annie’s story is one I think we can all relate to on some level. Who among us hasn’t had a point in our life where we just wanted to pack up and run to another city or even country and make a fresh start? It’s a fun holiday read, full of humor and satire.

Annie is a melodramatic sort but endearing nonetheless. Fresh off a disastrous relationship with the perfect man who turned out to not be so perfect after all, she spends an inordinate amount of time wallowing in self pity before finally heading back to Ireland to start anew. She soon finds herself caught up in the social events of Kerry and also gets crosswise with an alpha female by the name of Philomena Crotty who has a bee in her bonnet about Annie.

The story is quite the comedy at times, but also a lovely tale of a woman finding her true self beneath all the ideas of what she thought she was, and finding what true love really is. If you enjoy literary humor and heartfelt romance this will put a smile on your face.

By K.Wall on June 3, 2015

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Witty and Uplifting
I really enjoyed this book. Annie is a great character, funny and self deprecating
and on a serious losing streak but determined and brave. After she loses her
boyfriend and her job, she slinks home to Ireland with her tail between her legs
only to find herself caught up in village life and romantic intrigue in Kerry. So
far so rom com but what makes this book stand out is the lively writing and the no
holds barred insights into post Celtic Tiger Ireland. Annie’s deadly rival, the
ghastly nouveau riche Philomena Crotty is a comic monster to rival Lady Catherine de
Burgh in her condescension and control freakery.

By Book Lover on June 27, 2015

I enjoyed the tale of love and life lessons. The author did a great job with adding humor and telling a story of love and loss. I hope to see more from this author and will be looking for more books. Great Job!



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