A Blast to the Past by Vincent Kisavi and Lilian Nickson

A Blast in the Past

A Blast to the Past

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Simon is just a regular boy who wants to do well in his school. His Simon’s search for an interesting topic for a class project leads him to discover something magical about his past. About a girl named Daisy who overcomes many obstacles in order to overturn her life. In his class project Simon decides to share his story to his class; he shares about the secret passage of the girl Daisy in a magic castle and how the girl finds the secret treasures hidden in it just for her. But everything backfires on Simon when his best friend Solomon and his classmate turn against him.

Author Bio:

Vincent is a medical Lab. Technologist and works part time at the carbohydrate Research associate at the University of Georgia. He is also a writer and those two fields of practice have opened a desire to better understand, connect, and serve others with dignity and compassion. A believe that “happiness is found in one self if you seek it for others” has been Vincent’s strong motivation.

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It has a good story line with unexpected twists. Though I think it is a bit mature for a 4th grader to read. But I know for sure that guardians will be able to explain it to the young ones.
The life lesson is commendable.
For the book itself, I like that the author managed to put pictures inside. Though I wish that he was able to edit them somehow.
If we focused on the story line, it was good and parents should make it a point to read these kind of stories to their kids. As an adult, I know that the author will find a way to improve the books interface.


A good story for kids to read. My nephew read this and he seemed to be hooked. At first we read the introduction together then I left him to do some house chore; but I was surprised he seemed to keep his interest even after I had left. He is in 4th grade and so is the main character; I think he was curious to know what happened with the class project. The sections are fairly short; that’s one good thing about this short story. It has few images also.



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