Fire and Ice (Faerie Song Trilogy Book 1) by Michele Barrow-Belisle

Fire and Ice High school senior Lorelei Alundra, can see and heal people’s pain and can sing with the voice of an angel. She’s spent most of her life hiding from her gifts because they’re controlled by the dark faerie who gave them to her. Content with the semi-normal life she’s carved out for herself, […]

Shadowed Strength by Wendi Wilson

Shadowed Strength  One fateful night, after being humiliated at a party, sixteen year old Melanie Johnson is attacked by a masked assailant with nefarious intentions and tackled to the ground while walking home in the dark. A mysterious black dog appears out of nowhere, saves her in just the nick of time, then disappears just […]

Escape by Inna Hardison

Escape:  Book One of the Alliance Series. What if everything you knew about the world around you was a lie, and the very people you were taught to fear were your salvation, your escape? Meet Amelia, raised in the safety of a Replenisher compound, a protectorate for the few Alliance females who can bear children. […]

Mask of a Legend by Stephen A. Salamon

Mask of a Legend Beauty that is seen, but unseen to the eyes of the beautiful. A price for a simple, coveted wish to be beautiful to all that 17-year-old Legend Conaway desired. Yet when her desire was heard by heaven’s listeners, Legend learns that every blessing comes with a price. About the Author › […]

Curse by Dale Furse

Curse Nell is looking forward to leaving the isolation of her beach and attending University in the city. But when her father reveals that she is a product of two warring alien species, Nell’s life somersaults as ever-increasing evidence proves her family wrong. She is something else. She must now decide if knowing the truth […]