Science Fiction

Science Fiction Science Fiction A Face on Cydonia by Ian Miller While by 2100 everybody knew the Face of Cydonia was simply a battered butte, on a live TV program the battered butte morphed into the Viking image and winked. A great joke, but nobody could have done it. As a consequence of this, two […]

When Disconnected, by Christine Jayne Vann

When Disconnected “Tales to tug at the readers’ hearts and broaden their minds” in When Disconnected. This collection of short fantasy and sci-fi stories explores disconnect and the feeling of otherness in a range of interesting scenarios that go “under the surface of normality”. About the Author › Visit Amazon’s Christine Vann Page Christine Jayne […]

Short Stories

Short Stories Time out for the weary commuter or if you just have a loose hour or so – how better to unwind than with a complete short story or two. Download to your digital reader or i phone then sit back and let yourself be transported in time, place, or space with these short […]


Paranormal-Supernatural-Mythological-Science-Fiction Paranormal-Supernatural-Mythological-Science-Fiction genre,You may believe there is more to this life than first meets the eye but who knows what the truth really is. Perhaps that is why this is such a popular subject. Of course, these mythological scenes and ideas sound impossible today but look back into history and see how far man has […]