Crosses and Runes by Brian Triplett

Crosses and Runes is an urban fantasy suspense thriller about black ops field agents with magic powers who try to foil a plot to conquer our world.  A half-elf sorcerer named Jonathan and his team travel between our world, the eleven Homelands, and the territory of the mysterious dark elves as they attempt to stop […]

Valentine Goodbye by Annie Acorn

Valentine Goodbye (Luna Lake Cabins Stories Book 3) Valentine Goodbye.Escaping from Valentine’s Day, a holiday he has come to dread, James Edison has been drawn to the lakes and peaks of the Cumberland Mountains of East Tennessee filled with a need to reconnect with past memories, but what will he do with himself now that […]

Kiss Me Dead by Dale Ibitz

  Kiss Me Dead Human-reaper hybrid Christian is done with Hell. He wants to live a human life and love a human girl. So he puts his fate into the hands of the Goddess of Death when he bargains with her for his freedom. The bargain has unexpected consequences. Now he is eternally cursed with […]