In the Forest of Light and Dark by Mark Kasniak

In the Forest of Light and Dark  After the BP Deepwater Horizon oil spill shut down the fishing industry in the Gulf causing Cera’s Step Daddy Cade to lose his job, Cera and her parents find themselves in dire straits when they learn that their local bank is planning to foreclose on their home. Now […]

At Odds with Destiny presented by Uvi Poznansky

At Odds with Destiny   FREE! this weekend 5-6 December This is a boxed set that contains 10 full length novels, with genres ranging from historical fiction to thrillers to gritty crime fiction, written by the fabulous, highly acclaimed authors: Uvi Poznansky, Aaron Paul Lazar, Christoph Fischer, Brandt Legg, Amalie Jahn, Suzanne Jenkins, S.W. Vaughn, […]

THE FINE LINE by Tracee Ford

THE FINE LINE (Between Worlds Series, book 1) There is the fine line between the world of the living and the world of the dead, and Robin Hillard and her handsome husband Dr. Matthew Gregory are about to cross it. After the two meet in the ER of the local hospital, Robin and Matt begin […]

Damaged Goods by C.A.Hocking

Damaged Goods Is a powerful, hard-hitting story about three sisters who are subjected to a childhood of unrelenting abuse at the hands of their father. The girls create a strange, unnatural world for themselves in their desperate efforts to survive their violent, isolated prison, but it is human nature to seek escape, and each of […]

SATAN’S BREED by B. J. Kibble

SATAN’S BREED ‘Carlisle believes he’s on a straightforward stakeout to mark a terrorist for an SAS ‘Kill Squad’. Chaos ensues when the target is suddenly obliterated in a huge explosion. Then Carlisle’s girl and work colleague is kidnapped when terrorists attack a police station, and his boss severely wounded when a CIA team is massacred […]


Crime-Murder-Mystery-Thriller We all like to see the baddie get justice served to them. Here are some that we recommend and are available on Amazon by clicking the book cover or the Click HERE link. Enjoy your reading and please come again, new titles are constantly being updated with more Crime-Murder-Mystery-Thriller . The Twilight Tsunami $9.99 […]

Blood of the Lamb by Michael Lister

  Blood of the Lamb by Michael Lister Florida prison chaplain John Jordan’s search for the peace that has so long eluded him is interrupted by an unimaginable murder. Attempting to be a good man in a very bad place while also maintaining his shaky sobriety, John investigates the murder of the seven year-old adopted […]

Clashing Cultures by B.J. Lowe

  Sharon Armani discovers too late that she has married into one of the most powerful mafia families in New York. She is forced to give up her dream of becoming a lawyer when she discovers she is pregnant. Nathaniel is the first grandson of the family, so is treated with all the privileges of […]