Holy War by Grant Leishman

Holy War by Grant Leishman In the explosive conclusion of the Second Coming Trilogy, Holy War: The Battle for Souls, brings the forces of good and the forces of Evil together in a final, cataclysmic battle, that can only end in Armageddon. In Holy War, Beelzebub has raised the AntiChrist from among the family of […]

The Second Coming by Grant Leishman

  The Second Coming – Synopsis:   In a world ruled by greed, lust and selfishness, its creator has had enough. God is pissed! He orders earth and all of humanity destroyed, declaring it to have been a failed experiment. Jesus, has a soft spot for humanity though and begs for one more chance to […]


Christianity Christianity You may find that one or two books are not classed as Christian novels, but are in fact written by a Christians. Agnes’ Gift $2.99 The Archbishop and I  $0.00 kleptomaniac $2.99 The Turbulent Free Heart $0.99 kleptomaniac  $2.99 More Books The Most Important Person Lifestyle Worship by Steven Brown   Seated above […]