Aldo the Dragon by Tania Giguere

Aldo the Dragon Aldo is an old and wise dragon that came to nest upon a rock overlooking a small village. Aldo watches the families of this little village, and he notices that the people are in need of some help. So Aldo being of great kindness takes this small village under his wing and […]

The White Pearl by Tania Giguere

The White Pearl  Detective John is an under cover cop, who gets the job done. Does what it takes to keep his city safe. The super hero of Chicago. John takes out the trash, leaving nothing to chance. A compelling novel that keeps you on the edge of your seat., Tania Giguere […]

Hello My Friend by Tania Giguere

    Hello My Friend  Angel’s story about her pain. Her struggles of being a lonely girl, trying to survive in a world of suffering. Angel in her need to be wanted invents her own friend, a friend that is always there for her. Tania Giguere has also written, Goodnight Love and Be Proud of […]