The Baby on the Back Porch

The Baby on the Back Porch “Do you need anything else, Ms. Eriksson?” Sara’s new landlord, David Sanders, scrutinized her with an amused expression. He had just shown her the cabin and explained the specifics, after which she had signed the rental agreement. Sara guessed he was in his early thirties. He was quite good-looking […]

It Was Done To The Butler by Jerold Last

It Was Done To The Butler Copyright ©Jerold Last Chapter 1.  The corpse on the floor Our nice quiet evening with the stars was interrupted by a scream from upstairs. “I’ve got it.  You two stay with Vera and make sure she’s safe.” I ran up the stairs towards the sound of the screams, which […]

My Mother, My Daughter and Me by Susan Tarr

   My Mother, My Daughter and Me Copyright ©susan Tarr It’s not that I’m usually strange. No one has ever told me I am. But this isn’t a normal afternoon. I’m in the supermarket (with my daughter) and there is a very faint smell, just enough to alert my senses, tweak my memories. It’s not […]

This is Me by Julie Frayn

This is Me Copyright ©  Julie Frayn Carol Ann stared at each picture that hung on her wall. A mug of sweet tea, light with too much milk, warmed her hands.She touched her fingers to her temple, shook her head and moved on to a photo taken seventeen years earlier. Jeremy plodded into the room, […]

Rag Doll by Rebecca Scarberry

RAG DOLL A Short Story by Rebecca Scarberry Copyright by Rebecca Scarberry All Rights Reserved Cover Design by Jason White This book is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, events, and incidents either are the product of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or locales is […]

SEMPER FIDELIS”: by Grant Leishman

“SEMPER FIDELIS”: Copyright © Grant Leishman Gingerly, he moved his head to one side. That was his first mistake. He could swear he felt his brain sloshing from one side of his skull to the other and slamming into the hard bone there. He winced in pain and deciding discretion was the better part of […]

Proposal by Kerry J.Donovan

Proposal Copyright © Kerry J Donovan The station clock hanging from the wrought iron roof brace seems to have stopped. The dark hands and black numerals of the Victorian timepiece fade behind a grey mist swirling in from the sea. I squint to bring the numbers into focus. Less than three minutes to go. Come on, […]

Gifts of Jangalore by Aurora Springer

  Gifts of Jangalore  Short Story Set in the Grand Masters’ Universe    Copyright ©Aurora Springer Rosa Spruce steered the flitter across the continent, high above the forest stretching from the amber ocean to the horizon. Jangalore was an untrammeled planet of junglescovered in a blanket of yellow clouds. The trees had leaves of a strange […]

The Color of Vengeance by Kim Headlee

The Color of Vengeance (Short Story) A war is coming. A warrior is born. The path he takes will depend upon his choice to follow his head… or his heart. The Color of Vengeance is FREE in the USA 99c   Amazon uk 99p  Amazon au 99c includes tax Visit Amazon’s Kim Headlee […]

Fear No More (Ghost No More Series) by CeeCee James

Fear No More At only seventeen, CeeCee is out on the streets. For her, it is all about finding a place to sleep and something to eat. Yet, just when staying alive can’t get any harder, she meets someone worse off than herself. The last thing she needs is to help someone who is suicidal, […]