Hidden In Plain Sight by Mimi Barbour

Hidden In Plain Sight Copyright © Mimi Barbour Tonight, I have another blind date to look forward to, the fourth in as many weeks. Once again, my hopes are high. I keep telling myself to cut it out and stop building foolish dreams, especially since I’m always disappointed. Isn’t there one nice, normal, single guy […]

When Disconnected, by Christine Jayne Vann

When Disconnected “Tales to tug at the readers’ hearts and broaden their minds” in When Disconnected. This collection of short fantasy and sci-fi stories explores disconnect and the feeling of otherness in a range of interesting scenarios that go “under the surface of normality”. About the Author › Visit Amazon’s Christine Vann Page Christine Jayne […]

Every Five Minutes by Bronwyn Elsmore

Every Five Minutes “We are proud to announce that EVERY FIVE MINUTES by Bronwyn Elsmore is a B.R.A.G. Medallion Honoree. This tells a reader that this book is well worth their time and money!” Gina, if that is her real name, wakes to an autumn morning and, against her better judgement, selects a light dress […]

Be Sure Your Sins by David Allen & Josie Bloom

Be sure Your Sins A selection of short stories that will send a shiver down your spine. Disturbing little tales that will entertain from writer duo David Allen and Josie Bloom. Contains several stories: Read the BASEMENT, the tale of a father and how a visiting social worker encountered his wife. Enjoy the strange culinary […]

A little Bit of Me by Angela Gascoigne

A Little Bit of Me Short Stories and Other Scribbles.   Are you too busy to get stuck into a full-length novel? Worry not. Press the pause button on life for ten minutes. Put your feet up and relax with a cup of tea and A Little Bit of Me.   This collection is sure to […]

No Place Like Home by Angela Gascoigne

No Place Like Home was my first e book to be published. It is a collection of short stories and flash fiction in a variety of genres. Whether you enjoy a spooky story to send a shiver down your spine, or something sweet to warm your heart, you won’t be disappointed. There are tales with […]

Lazy Weekend Collection of Short Stories by Amelie Rose

      Lazy Weekend No 1 1. Child Genius Some came back because of the great cuisine and overall good company but others left, never to be seen again at number 64 Dolly Crescent, after the humiliation of debating with a six year old over the state of the economy – and losing. 2. Blue […]