Scotland: Stunning, Strange and Secret by Christy Nicholas

Scotland: Stunning, Strange and Secret  Do you crave to see the mysteries of Scotland? Let my travel guide help you plan your own trip, and avoid the trap of the tour guide. My book has tips and tricks, some myth and history of the land, and lots of hidden places and photographs.   About the […]

No More Mulberries by Mary Smith

No More Mulberries Spanning the turbulent time period from the Soviet occupation to the rise of Taliban, is set in the mountainous regions of Afghanistan where British-born Miriam finds her relationship with her Afghan husband, Dr Iqbal heading towards crisis. From the opening chapters we are drawn into Miriam’s family life, circle of friends and […]

The Forgotten Templars Vol.1 The Manuscript

  The Forgotten Templars M.Caldwell Hunter 1307 the Templars are destroyed by the French King. By 1314 no trace of the Templars is seen in Europe. Also there was no trace of their treasure or their fleet. Where did they go. What happened to the man entrusted with the safekeeping of the artifacts. The Manuscript […]

Ramona’s Angel P L Jenkinson

Ramona’s Angel The story begins in Scotland. A small coastal, fishing village. It’s based on a village I know well. Im the story, a little boy is taken away. Skip forward 30 years to present day Yorkshire, in the north of England, and we find Robbie. Something connects him to that little boy, but only […]

Invisible Child by Carol Macfie Lange

Invisible Child by Carol Macfie Lange INVISIBLE CHILD is about a boy who is hidden and then abandoned by his parents when soldiers of the fascist tyrant General Franco take them by force from their mountain village. His father is mortally wounded and his mother is taken prisoner. The boy escapes to the wild mountains […]

Nefertiti’s Prodigy by Kerrie Mcleod

205 pages Nefertiti’s Prodigy by Kerrie Mcleod When one door closes another opens, so the saying goes. When one door closes another slams in your face, so the joke goes. For Sheryl, however, “that door” was always for someone else. Until she met Nefertiti. A bitter sweet comedy… Sheryl has fallen on hard times; where once […]