Securing the Rancher’s Heart

Securing the Rancher’s Heart by Sandra S. Kerns Marley Jasper can’t deny trouble is knocking on her door any longer when she has to shoot at an intruder. She needs to make her Colorado guest ranch secure before the season’s kick-off barbecue. When she walks in the Master Security office, the last person she expects […]

The Masters Men Collection by Sandra Kerns

The Masters Men  are back and this time they brought their sisters and an extra brother. Threats.Greed. Hope. The Masters brothers never backed down and their sisters learned the lesson well. Her Master Diver – Blaze is thrilled to be going on her dream dive. Unfortunately, before she even gets on the boat it turns […]

Blog: Sandra Kerns about Dream Stalker

Dream Stalker (Colorado Skies series) The inspiration for Dream Stalker came to me while watching a show about twin/multiple births and how, even when separated at birth some of those children still had a kind of psychic link. Of course, I had to take it a step beyond and add the problem of the children […]

Dream Stalker by Sandra Kerns

Dream Stalker Nightmares become reality when you see them on the news.* Janine thought the killings were over, but two years later her dream stalker is back and he knows she’s not really dead. She tries to deny it. Then the detective from Philadelphia shows up and verifies her worst fear. What’s worse? Detective Dawson […]

The Butterfly Connection by Sandra Kerns

The Butterfly Connection  Murder, encryption, and corporate espionage bring two strangers together to break codes and years of silence to solve a very personal case. Wanted for the murder of her stepbrother, Emma Simms is on the run. She has to convince her brother’s old partner to help her find the real killer. If she […]