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Think Globally by Ron Shaw

Think Globally Hello. I’m author and Internet radio host Ron Shaw of Georgia, USA. If there is one consistent comment I hear over and over again when interviewing authors for my weekly Internet radio show at, it is the amazing opportunity we have as authors to communicate with our readers. Due to the various […]


CRAMPED QUARTERS series, is the result of our purchase of an item that is haunted…MARY’S TRUNK. The initial book, MARY’S TRUNK of my CRAMPED QUARTERS series had to be written because the ghost who occupies the Victorian camelback trunk that we purchased years ago at a local estate sale demanded it. Mary, the ghost within […]

The Color of Grace by J.S. Delaney

The Color of Grace Princess Margie wants her brother, the future king, safe and her country back after her parents are murdered by her evil uncle.  To stay safe a U.S. Colonel made her an offer she couldn’t refuse, but now she must save her savior to save the day.  Two weddings, three countries and […]

Cramped Quarters Mary’s Trunk

Paranormal/Fiction/Ghost/Humor/Family Life Cramped Quarters Mary’s Trunk by Ron Shaw Do you believe it’s possible to own, purchase, communicate, and come to know a ghost? Ron Shaw does. He bought and paid for his own ghost Mary, on a crisp fall day in 2013, never having sought such a find, as he bunked and junked his […]

Transmutation by Ron Shaw

Transmutation by Ron Shaw What external and internal forces combine to create the perfect storm that causes a human being to become twisted? This is not a rhetorical question. Ron Shaw was molded into such a twisted boy and man. Look inside his life. Go back with Ron to the hell of his youth, the […]

Seven Fish Tree by Ron Shaw

Seven Fish Tree by Ron Shaw Ron Shaw resides in Georgia and is a retired Atlanta Police Captain, married with one child, BA degree in English Literature from Georgia State University. Seven Fish Tree is based on a NDE (Near Death Experience) that happened to Ron Shaw in October, 2013. He will take the reader […]

The Yellow Bus Boys by Ron Shaw

The Yellow Bus Boys by Ron Shaw Ron Shaw is retired and living in Georgia with his wife of forty-one marvelous years and a very talented adult daughter. He graduated with a BA degree in English Literature from GSU in Atlanta. He has been writing books since a NDE in October, 2013. Come with Ron […]