Billionaire Unboundby by J.S. SCOTT

Billionaire Unbound: The Billionaire’s Obsession ~ Chloe Chloe Colter is finally able to fulfill her dream of getting married after over a decade of school to become an equine vet. But her dreams of a perfect life are shattered when her fiancé becomes abusive, forcing her to finally break away from a destructive relationship. Life […]

Grand Master’s Pawn by Aurora Springer

Grand Master’s Pawn  The Twelve Grand Masters rule the galaxy in secret. Young empath Violet Hunter achieves her dream of exploring planets as the pawn of the Griffin Grand Master. But, she discovers the mysterious Grand Masters are the chief suspects for the disruptions in the portal web linking galactic civilizations. Violet hunts for the […]

Better To Have Loved by Christy Nicholas

Better To Have Loved  Would you search for 30 years for your true love? Julie was looking for adventure in 1968. She had plenty of options. What she found instead was herself alone, pregnant, and in a foreign country. She had some tough decisions to make Should she follow her love? Or run back to […]

Dream Write Live Kel by Maggy Mae

  Dream Write Live Kel Bruised, broken and betrayed by those he had loved, Kel is at the brink of ending it all. His fragile heart can no longer handle the deadly blows dealt to it by the deceit of those who claim to deserve his trust. Deep down inside him, he struggles to hold […]

Just A Drop in the Ocean by Grant Leishman

  Just A Drop in the Ocean    Two teenagers in the 1970’s start a relationship, as pen-pals, and soon have their futures together all mapped out, until that pesky, little,  thing called life, steps in and ruins everything. Follow the separate, often painful, but always action packed lives of Teresa Mercado, from a tiny, […]

What the Queen Wills by AJ Tipton

What the Queen Wills: A Genderswapped Cinderella Retelling Happily ever after has never been so HOT. In a magical kingdom far away, there lived cursed princes, warrior women, and powerful heroes. What the Queen Wills is a sexy genderswapped Cinderella retelling where the heroes have become heroines, the heroines have become heroes, and nothing is […]

Third Base by P.C. Zick

Third Base When Adriana Moretti meets the Pittsburgh Pirates’ new third baseman, she’s bowled over by his dedication to helping others. She’s still mourning the death of her husband, but she’s also young and very successful. Tomas is the rising star on the baseball team and is focused on winning the World Series, until Adriana […]

When the ROLLER COASTER Stops by Susan Tarr

When the ROLLER COASTER Stops Bethany is a successful young New Zealand businesswoman. She loves overseas travel almost as much as she loves her job and her crazy collection of friends. When she returns from Europe, she seeks medical advice for a tummy bug. On the surface it appears to be nothing,When the roller coaster […]

THE FINE LINE by Tracee Ford

THE FINE LINE (Between Worlds Series, book 1) There is the fine line between the world of the living and the world of the dead, and Robin Hillard and her handsome husband Dr. Matthew Gregory are about to cross it. After the two meet in the ER of the local hospital, Robin and Matt begin […]

No Perfect Fate by Jackie Weger

No Perfect Fate Cleo Anderson finds herself camping where gators yawn, bears slumber and snakes slither. Her people skills are hesitant and alone is good… until one sun-drenched day, an encounter with a man and a girl will change her life forever. About the author Jackie Weger enjoys destination travel–going to new and strange places, […]

I Want It All: An Alpha Billionaire Romance by Michelle Rivera

I Want It All: An Alpha Billionaire Romance Dee has the life that is quite common to most people. She works from nine to five to make ends meet, does her best to stay in shape and has a mother who complains about her love life almost as much as she does about the rich […]

healings by P. S Winn

Healings Andrew almost died 2000 years ago, he was saved and now still walks the earth as a healer. When he accidentally heals Lisa, Andrew feels in her, a special connection. Now he may have to give up the life he knows, to be with his soul mate. P.S. Winn loves to write,  and review. […]

Sunday’s Child by Rosemary Morris

Sunday’s Child by Rosemary Morris Georgianne Whitley’s beloved father and brothers died in the war against Napoleon Bonaparte. While she is grieving for them, she must deal with her unpredictable mother’s sorrow, and her younger sisters’ situation caused by it. Georgianne’s problems increase when the arrogant, wealthy but elderly Earl of Pennington, proposes marriage to […]

A Star for Annie by Lizabeth Scott

A Star for Annie A Star for Annie, the second installment in breakout author Lizabeth Scott’s Hearts of Gold Series is now available. Climb on board The Carter Ryan – World Storm Tour with an all access backstage pass. Go behind the scenes and become part of the crew who takes the world by storm! Dr. Sylva Ann Gold […]

Sweet Chaos Part 1 by Miranda J. Fox

Sweet Chaos Part 1 College life is the best time of life. Claire is convinced of this when she moves in with her cousin at a neighboring city. At least until she meets two men who couldn’t be any more different, and who turn her life upside down. On the one hand, there’s the big-man-on-campus […]

Bits of Me by Meghan Scott

Bits of Me Set amid the horse show and racing scene of Kentucky, Bits of Me follows the story of Melanie Wainright, an ad-exec living in NYC, who, after escaping an abusive relationship, drops everything to embark on a new career as marketing director for a failing equestrian magazine. She’s done with men and love […]

Summer Help Wanted by Ronald Walker

  Summer Help Wanted Eric Treybern’s life is in a downward spiral with financial ruin coming in the form of a nasty divorce. His circumstance and good fortune change with his good friends death. A business venture allows him to work on his former friends farm with an older woman as his partner, which leads […]

A Valentine Surprise (Captain’s Point Stories Book 51)

A Valentine Surprise (Captain’s Point Stories Book 51) Valentine’s Day weekend is the busiest sales period of the year for Beth’s Buds – everyone’s favorite florist in Captain’s Point.  Unfortunately, Marjorie Harper, the shop assistant, remains ill with the flu, and Harry Tiner, the delivery man, has begun feeling feverish.  The tiny bell over the […]

A Man for Susan by Charlotte Kent

A Man for Susan The second novel in the women’s fiction series Captain’s Point Stories, A Man for Susan, written by multi-published, internationally known From Women’s Pens authors Annie Acorn and Juliette Hill under the pseudonym Charlotte Kent, offers the reader romance, humor, and adventure in a story of love and personal growth. Newly married, […]

The Atlantean King’s Quest by Peter Butterworth

The Atlantean King’s Quest by Peter Butterworth  Atlantean king of his own city in Iberia, Cadiz meets Otonia at the Palace at Knossos. He falls in love with her. Her father, King Erechtheus of Athens, demands Cadiz go on a quest to prove he is worthy of her. Cadiz must go and spy on the […]

A Clue for Adrianna by Charlotte Kent

A Clue for Adrianna  A Clue for Adrianna is the first novel in the Captain’s Point romantic women’s fiction/family saga series, written collaboratively by internationally known From Women’s Pens authors Annie Acorn and Juliette Hill.  Known primarily for their romances and cozy mysteries, the two authors have placed the series in Captain’s Point, a fictional […]

Review of Where Love Takes You

Where Love Take You by Rebecca Scarberry Heroes come in all sizes and shapes. In Messages from Henry a teen/young adult mystery by Rebecca Scarberry, the hero is Henry, the homing pigeon. Henry’s mistress is kidnapped and his devotion to her may be her only chance for freedom, ferrying notes back and forth from the […]


Romance Romance “You can’t lose if you give them handsome HIGHWAYMEN, duels, 3-foot fountains and whacking great horses and dogs all over the place.” Barbara Cartland. It may sound odd in today’s literary climate of `anything goes,’ but Dame Barbara (1901 – 2000) wrote about HEROINES who were unrelentingly chaste and pure. We’ve moved on […]

The Crimson Key by Wes Dodd

The CrimsonKey Mystery/Romance ​David Paige, a young detective from Charleston, S.C., is about to embark on an investigation of a lifetime. After an unexpected tragedy shatters his perfect world, he discovers that his mother had been keeping a life-long secret from him, revealing that he is not who he believed he was. With no family […]

Love’s Return by Amelie Rose

Love’s Return Josh Ryan is back from Hong Kong and Brie Silver has her hands full fighting off the match-making attempts of the two closest but most frustrating women in her life, her grandmother, Jessie and her best friend, Kate in love’s return. Josh is closing in on her, with help from the matchmaking committee […]

The Duchess’ Diary by Amelie Rose

      The Duchess’ Diary When she moved into the ancient rambling homestead on  the Gowerhey Stud farm, Melissa Holt thought she’d finally found heaven. After a year of misery the escape to green fields and peaceful seclusion seemed like a dream come true. And everyone was so nice. Just one thing was making […]

Mirror Girls by Amelie Rose

Mirror Girls Indi Falcone, owner of the popular book store, Romantic Hours, is writing her own romance. But there is a problem. She is having trouble creating a believable hero. She sees Max Avery as vividly masculine and heroic but on paper he is anything but. So she has joined her friend, Diana, on a […]

Love Child- Romance by Amelie Rose

  Love Child Amber Pascoe came to a stop outside her Parnell villa, breathing hard from a last 100 metre dash after a long jog around the city pavements. Her mind was in turmoil. Hours earlier, she had received some news that had sent her into a tail spin. She couldn’t concentrate and in the […]