Basically Frightened by Vasily Pugh

Basically Frightened   ‘Of course, there is a lot of Post-Apocalyptic fiction out there – it seems to infuse every part of our culture. But have you ever watched ‘Walking Dead’ and thought “Why am I not cool enough to be with these people?”. If so, ‘Basically Frightened’ is a reminder that extraordinary things happen […]

Frozen Webs by Lynn Lamb

Frozen Webs  The Survivor Diaries- Book IV Who did this to us? If you aren’t ready for the answer, then you don’t want to hear the next part of this story. Please trust me. If you have come across this diary, this transcript of truth, close it now—burn it—or risk a tear in your soul […]

The Beginning at the End of the World. by Lynn Lamb

The Beginning at the End of the World  The Survivor Diaries- Book II For every end, there is a beginning. Growth must happen— so says Darwin, anyway. I’m Laura, and my Villagers and I continue to make our way through the decay of post-apocalyptic Coastal California during the nuclear winter and fallout of the Last […]

As the Ash Fell by AJ Powers

  As the Ash Fell I am a professional game developer (10+ years in the industry) who has been writing off and on for the past 5 years. My first full-length novel, As the Ash Fell, recently released, and it being very well received. It’s a story about a young man named Clay, and his […]