A Dangerous Demon King BY J.S. SCOTT

A Dangerous Demon King BY J.S. SCOTT (The Sentinel Demons Book 4) This is the 4th and final book in the paranormal series, The Sentinel Demons by New York Times, USA Today and Wall Street Journal bestselling author J.S. Scott. This is an 18+ only, not intended for children or young teens book The entire […]

Shadowed Strength by Wendi Wilson

Shadowed Strength  One fateful night, after being humiliated at a party, sixteen year old Melanie Johnson is attacked by a masked assailant with nefarious intentions and tackled to the ground while walking home in the dark. A mysterious black dog appears out of nowhere, saves her in just the nick of time, then disappears just […]

Stalking the Dark by Ann Jacobs

Stalking the Dark (Hunting the Dark Lord 3) Following a brutal battle that left the sadistic vampire Louis Reynard severely wounded and sent him into hiding, the strikingly beautiful vampire queen Alina and the rest of the d’Argent clan are in New Orleans to celebrate the wedding of one of their own. With Reynard temporarily […]

Bleeding Heart by Staci Troilo

Bleeding Heart  After her father’s murder, Francesca discovers she is the secret legacy of the Medici—prophesied to return Italy to its former glory—and is now also targeted for assassination. Ignorant of her enemy’s identity and desperate to just be left alone, she is forced under the protection of Gianni, a warrior destined to defend her […]

The Last Challenge by Sharon Karaa

The Last Challenge  Seeing is believing, so they say. So does not seeing, apparently, because it was only when Lauren didn’t see the batty old woman standing in front of her anymore that she finally began to believe that maybe, just maybe, ghosts, witches and warlocks did exist. The fact that she was one of […]

King of Fools, by B.L.Pride

King of Fools (Book One, The Farthest Islands Series) Luke Skaar is a young man who struggles hard to find his place in this world and hides his doubts from everyone – especially from himself. , Loved by women, surrounded with friends, working in a bar, and blowing off steam with his adrenalin filled hobbies, […]

Alpha’s Heir: A BBW Paranormal Romance by AJ Tipton

Alpha’s Heir A BBW Paranormal Romance This billionaire bear will do anything to protect his tasty mate. This novella includes sassy curvy women, drool-worthy cooking, harrowing shifter battles, and a love so hot it sizzles. About the Author › Visit Amazon’s AJ Tipton Page Biography AJ Tipton is the pseudonym of a writing team: Annie […]

Her Fiery Viking by AJ Tipton

Her Fiery Viking Her Fiery Viking, Mikkel just might be too hot to handle. He’s an immortal Viking, cursed to burst into an uncontrollable ball of fire when enraged. After centuries of tragedy, Mikkel fears the fury within him will endanger anyone he lets too close. When Joanna, a smart, sexy engineer angry at the […]

The Killing Moon by V.C. Chambers

  The Killing Moon Six months ago, werewolf tracker Dana Gray barely escaped from Cole Randall, the wolf serial killer who kept her in his basement torturing her. Toying with her. He almost killed her, but he couldn’t. He let her live. Now, she finds herself obsessed with Cole. His voice haunts her, hypnotic and […]

Dream Hunter by Maya Tyler

Dream Hunter Cynthia Courtland is career driven. She wants nothing more than a promotion at work. When some trouble at the office derails her focus, she is determined to get to the bottom of things. Gabe’s life is work too, but his job is Cynthia’s guardian angel, and his focus is on keeping her out […]