Holy War by Grant Leishman

Holy War by Grant Leishman In the explosive conclusion of the Second Coming Trilogy, Holy War: The Battle for Souls, brings the forces of good and the forces of Evil together in a final, cataclysmic battle, that can only end in Armageddon. In Holy War, Beelzebub has raised the AntiChrist from among the family of […]

Rise of the AntiChrist (The Second Coming Series: Book 2): by Grant Leishman

Rise of the AntiChrist (The Second Coming Series: Book 2): Rise of the Antichrist is the continuation of the journey of the Castillo family, led by JC and Maria, as they forge ahead in their mission of “Saving Humanity from the Brink”.   In the sequel to the award-winning, The Second Coming, JC, Maria and […]

Paranormal Alley by Chris and Grant Leishman

Paranormal Alley  Take a stroll down Paranormal Alley and choose a door to enter, Here you will find fourteen stories of horror and the paranormal. Whether murder, mayhem, the macabre, ghosts, alternate universes or simply twisted tales is your wish, there is something for everyone on Paranormal Alley. Fourteen stories by the Father/Son Author Tag-team; […]


Paranormal-Supernatural-Mythological-Science-Fiction Paranormal-Supernatural-Mythological-Science-Fiction genre,You may believe there is more to this life than first meets the eye but who knows what the truth really is. Perhaps that is why this is such a popular subject. Of course, these mythological scenes and ideas sound impossible today but look back into history and see how far man has […]