Capernicious by P S Winn

Capernicious by P S Winn     Sue had a little bit of a wild life before she settles down and gets married. She follows her husband to Capernicious Academy. It doesn’t take Sue long to figure out something sinister is going on. When people start dying she enlists her friend Cheryl’s help in digging […]

Obligations by P.S. Winn

      OBLIGATIONS by P.S. Winn A near death experience takes Joshua through the valley of the shadow of death. When he is returned he is given an obligation, to get rid of the evil presence that followed him back. Josh is given a few special gifts, he can see auras and spirits, and […]

Voice by P.S.Winn

Voices by P.S.Winn A serial killer is killing the down and out in a small town. The sheriff has no clues and no suspects, he has to stop the whispered voices the killer is hearing before it is too late, while dealing with his own problems. Reviews 5.0 out of 5 stars Storm Before The Calm? January […]

Foretold by P.S.Winn

Foretold by P.S.Winn A group of people are mysteriously brought together when the predictions for the last days begin happening. This new group of friends now face mother nature and mankind in a epic battle. Review P.S.Winn captivates her readers from her very first word. It is impossible to put this book down – it […]