Effeminate Earth by Julia Elizabeth Flowers

Effeminate Earth In a world with no men, everything is perfect. Science has evolved, wars are not a problem, murders and violence have diminished to nothing. A perfect world. But all that glitters is not gold. And everything isn’t as it seems. Sarah Williams, a high ranking government official in the SGI (Scientifically Generated Incubation) […]

Frosted Blood by Larry Pellitteri

Frosted Blood  In the near future where ancient enemies sit on the brink of war, seventeen-year-old Michael Saxon carries a powerful secret inside his DNA that both sides will do anything to acquire. When he was just seven years old, Michael’s parents, scientists at a questionable private military contractor called Enbright, vanished without a trace […]

Inside Out by Jack Kearney

Inside Out  Follow Danny Belson, an actor, as he goes from a carefree beach-volleyball loving, pool- shooting all American,to a convicted murderer. The irony is that he is being incarcerated in the same institution where just six months prior he was conducting a drama workshop. So he serving his time where he already has built […]