Dear Mom & Dad, I Have Anxiety:

Dear Mom & Dad, I Have Anxiety: A Book For Parents From A Child’s Perspective Kindle Edition So many children today, and even teens and adults, struggle with anxiety. A lot of people are too ashamed or afraid to talk about what they are going through. They hide behind all of the emotions and fears. […]

Why the Chicken Crossed the World by Funky Chicken

Why the Chicken Crossed the World 18 Surprising Secrets from China on Success, Wealth, and Happiness About the Book: A brilliant collection of hilariously poignant true stories illustrate what China teaches us about happiness, wealth, love, power, and getting what you want. Based on a successful, witty blog by a Chinese-American expatriate in Shanghai, these […]

A Transformed Mind by Tracy Wainwright

A Transformed Mind Our thoughts have a big impact on our lives, as will this book. You’ll not only be convinced that you can change your thoughts and the impact that will have on your life, but you’ll be shown how in simple, practical ways. Anyone can put the principles laid out in this #smallbutmighty […]

Strike! Strike! Strike! by Paul Anthony

Strike! Strike! Strike! I am a retired detective from Cumbria in the U.K. I’m an independent publisher who has written both television and film scripts either on my own, or with the award winning screenwriter Nick Gordon whose full length feature film ‘Hunted’ hits the screens in 2016/2017. Paul Anthony is my pseudonym. […]

Hot Mess to Mindful Mom by Ali Katz

Hot Mess to Mindful Mom: 40 Ways to Bring Balance, Joy, and Happiness into Your Every Day In Hot Mess to Mindful Mom, Ali Katz, a meditation teacher, mindfulness coach and mom of two young boys shares the ways that she literally transformed her life from a hot mess, to one filled with presence, joy […]