Saving Babe Ruth author Tom Swyers

Saving Babe Ruth When Civil War buff and burned-out lawyer David Thompson fights to save a kids’ baseball league, he’s launched on a thrill ride that threatens his family, his team, and his life. Captivating characters lead double lives and keep secrets in this award-winning page-turner based on a true story. A cast of shady adults and the high school baseball coaches hate […]

The Illusion by Dan Sharma

The Illusion’ the Novel by Dan Sharma ‘ shows the ups and downs in the life of Danny, a young student in Burma who escapes the Military Regime tyranny to obtain refuge in the United Sates. He is quite successful to own a construction company. Very crafty in exploiting his client’s weaknesses, he makes business […]

The Butterfly Connection by Sandra Kerns

The Butterfly Connection  Murder, encryption, and corporate espionage bring two strangers together to break codes and years of silence to solve a very personal case. Wanted for the murder of her stepbrother, Emma Simms is on the run. She has to convince her brother’s old partner to help her find the real killer. If she […]

Once Upon Another Time by Rosary McQuestion

312 pages   REVIEW Love, humor, romance and the paranormal! Aubrey McCory is a successful lawyer, best in her field; she has the most perfect six-year-old son and lives in a charming 1930s English Tudor on Fogland Beach. From the outside, her life looks perfect. But it’s been almost seven years and she’s still trying […]

Madame Lilly, Voodoo Priestess by Dormaine G

Madame Lilly, Voodoo Priestess by Dormaine G Odara, a Creole girl, grew up in New Orleans during the late 1800s wealthy and privileged. She was reared in the ways of placage in order to be a common-law wife for a wealthy man. She was against the ways of placage wanting a life of her own […]

Interview with Reb Macrath (author)

It’s my pleasure to introduce Reb Macrath author of Nobility Q.    Who are your greatest support – who believes in you? I’ve been blessed with a small but very strong inner circle: a brother who’s believed in me from the start…and a half-dozen writers and friends/fans.   Q.   Where do you write from? e.g. Kitchen […]