Murder in Brambly Cott by P.Rose

MURDER IN BRAMBLY COTT    Colourful divorcee, Felicity Fleetwood, has bought the old church manse in the sleepy, picturesque Cotswolds village of Brambly Cott and is planning to run her new enterprise from it. Betty Umbridge, Post Mistress, corner shop proprietor and all-round busybody is having a not-so-good day. Last evening,her normally placid husbandactually raised […]

Murder in Brambly Cott by P. Rose

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Felicity Fleetwood – Murder in Brambly Cott by P.Rose – diary entry Dear Diary I have just come back from Brambly Cott – such a quaint serene little village in the Cotswolds, and surprise, surprise, I have bought a house.  Actually, it’s a Manse, one of those glorious Edwardian homes they used to house Vicars […]