How I Turned My Daughter into a Prodigy by Nir Segev

How I Turned My Daughter into a Prodigy: A Step By Step Guide for Parents, Containing Tools and Techniques on How to raise Successful Children from Pre-Birth to Adolescence Learn all the secrets and techniques to developing cognitive skills in children in a fun and enriching way and how to design a successful world for […]

Zigi the Alien and the Laughter Journey by Nirit Littaney

Zigi the Alien and the Laughter Journey    Yup, he’s here again !  This time Zigi’s making a special trip to Earth in search of fun and laughter.  He’s leaving behind boring old Nepi, knowing there’s nothing more entertaining than the friendly humans on Earth.  From the moment he steps from his spacecraft, Zigi’s privy […]

You’re So Fancy, Nancy! by Nirit Littaney

You’re So Fancy, Nancy! Nancy is an imaginative little girl who loves to dress up and play the part of a fancy model, just like her older sister, Grace.  With a wonderful collection of beautiful dresses, lavish hats, sparkling high heels, and accessories galore, Nancy is the most stylish child in her class.  However, running, […]

Now I am Paper by Uvi Poznansky

Now I Am Paper Discounted to 99 cents this weekend 5-6 December is not only for your child but also for the child in you It tells a story of longing, aching for a child who has left the old timbre behind. Love and loss, fear and hope are poignantly expressed on these pages, which […]

My Own Voice by Uvi Poznansky

My Own Voice  When she was working at an ice cream parlor, Anita started an affair with a married man who had a child her age, even though she knew that he was a married man. Now pregnant, she finds herself doomed to compete with Natasha’s shadow. Faced with his compelling desire to remake her […]

Ally by Michael B. Oren

Ally: My Journey Across the American-Israeli Divide The relationship between the United States and Israel as seen through the eyes of Michael B. Oren former Israeli Ambassador to the United States. In reading through Ally you have a rare opportunity to have a glimpse of the politics behind the conflicts, relationships between two nations of […]

Fatty Betty author Nirit Littaney

Fatty Betty author Nirit Littaney For some children, school or the playground are anything but inviting and fun.  Such is the case for Fatty Betty, a young girl with a hearty appetite for mouthwatering sweets.  Excluded from recess games and called Fatty Betty, she cowers in the bathroom or sits alone while everyone else plays […]

Maya Papaya and the Three Kittens by Denise Sharon

Maya Papaya and the Three Kittens: Bedtime story, This is the third Maya Papaya book. Maya finds a new friend in her garden, a cat!!! her most loved animal!!! and she is very exited about it. In this story, Maya is watching her new friend and soon realizes why her new friend does some pretty […]

Bart! Stop the Farts! by Nirit Littaney

“Bart! Stop the Farts!” will be FREE for 3 days, June 16-18 Bart is a fun-loving, little boy who finds humor in ‘letting gas’.  He’s amused by obnoxious Bart Blasts, which he can summon on demand.  Whether at home with his family, in an elevator full of strangers, or even with his grandparents, Bart’s ready with […]

A Note for Mom by Ayala Saar

A Note for Mom All mothers love their children, but  what is a mother’s love? Is it a kiss, a hug, or a gentle reminder? Is it making a healthy breakfast?  Could it be all of these and more? What happens when they make mistakes? Children may fear that their parents will stop loving them […]

A Cat Love Story, a tale of Love, Loss and Comfort by Denise Sharon

A Cat Love Story, a tale of Love, Loss and Comfort This book is about a cat love story,loving, loosing and getting comfort again. This book teaches your child, through the experience of Muki, the crossed eyes siamese cat, that when you lose someone you love, a pet, a friend, parent or grandparent it is […]

The King who was Mad at his Son by Denise Sharon

  The King who was Mad at his Son This is a book about the king who was  mad at his son, he could not see him any more through the dark cloud of anger around him. The prince was so upset, and felt so small he seemed to have vanished into the carpet… After […]

Maya Papaya and the Sick Apple Tree by Denise D Sharon

Maya Papaya and the Sick Apple Tree   This is a book about a little girl called Maya Papaya, who loves her garden and all that is in it. One day she finds out that something  changed, her beloved apple tree is loosing it’s leaves!!! Will she be able to cure her tree? This is […]

Black For Last by Libby Fox

  Black For Last It portrays a troubled married woman called Sophie who embarks on an emotional journey only to find she gets more than she bargained for! She had always craved  for multiple lovers. She is a Cardiology nurse working in a big City Hospital. Sophie manages to indulge in extra marital affairs and […]

Touring Israel by The Traveler

Touring Israel  Traveling to Israel can both exhilarating as well as educational.  Whether you are looking for historical knowledge, religious insight or you are just a foodie looking for something traditionally Arab or Jewish, a visit to the walled city of old Jerusalem is a location that you should not miss during your visit to […]