Ranh By Ian Miller

Ranh  Ranh, a planet seeded with Cretaceous life from Earth that has evolved a technologically advanced race of raptors, many of who feel the proper place for a mammal is the larder. Governed by a theocracy, there are always some who wish to remove humans from the Planet of Creation (Earth). While a treaty with […]

Ranh by Ian Miller

The Cultured Dinosaur by  Ian J Miller

The Cultured Dinosaur While writing a series of novels, I have devoted quite some effort to having different forms of governance in the background, so a secondary purpose has been to explore the various failings of them. My latest effort is Ranh, and the form of governance is a theocracy. It is intended as a […]

Dreams Defiled by Ian Miller

Dreams Defiled .Book 2 of the First Contact trilogy. As the party that saw the first evidence of alien civilization leave Cydonia, they each had dreams of what their future would hold. All Nathan Gill wanted was to be left alone. Grigori Timoshenko wanted to build a defence force capable of deterring advanced aliens, Fiona […]

A Face on Cydonia by Ian Miller

A Face on Cydonia While by 2100 everybody knew the Face of Cydonia was simply a battered butte, on a live TV program the battered butte morphed into the Viking image and winked. A great joke, but nobody could have done it. As a consequence of this, two unexplained heat emanations from the butte, and […]

Puppeteer by Ian Miller

Puppeteer by Ian Miller In a future when resource shortages, crime and corruption are crippling world economies, terrorism is becoming strangely sophisticated. When Lt Colonel John Maxwell refuses to cover up his commanding General’s failure, he is put illegally in charge of an antiterrorist operation that is clearly designed to kill or discredit him. After […]

Scaevola’s Triumph (Gaius Claudius Scaevola trilogy Book 3

Scaevola’s Triumph (Gaius Claudius Scaevola trilogy Book 3 by Ian Miller Scaevola’s Triumph is the third in the Gaius Claudius Scaevola trilogy. From a party that was abducted by an alien, three Romans, find themselves separated from the others and taken to the planet Ulse, and to a civilization vastly ahead of their own, but […]

Athene’s Prophecy by Ian Miller

Athene’s Prophecy by Ian Miller Only alien help can save humanity from being exterminated, but thanks to relativity, the request for help must start through a young Roman soldier, Gaius Claudius Scaevola, who must be abducted by a passing alien ship. To be taken to the right place the abduction must violate the major law […]

Red Gold by Ian Miller

Red Gold by Ian Miller David Gill has trouble selling food to the hungry, but when, in the early summer of 2075, he arrives in Los Angeles to seal a deal with Robbie Newall, he realizes his troubles are getting very much worse, very quickly. His business associates, Moonbeam Enterprises, have registered him for the […]