Cadet: Olympian Book 2 by Lee Ness

  Cadet: Olympian Book 2 Alexander has escaped the Siege of Samos by the skin of his teeth and thinks he can finally relax now that he has been sent to a military academy. But the gods don’t smile on him as he finds that his sworn enemies are now running the academy. Not only […]

Ghosts of Southampton: Titanic by I.D. Johnson

Ghosts of Southampton: Titanic  You can’t outrun your past, not even aboard the Ship of Dreams…. Meg never dreamt she would find herself aboard Titanic, dressed in the borrowed clothes of her lady-in-waiting, hiding from her family, running from her haunting past. Now that she finally has the opportunity to escape it all, she realizes […]

The Challenge by Kim Headlee

The Challenge: How does one fight a demon? Events have conspired to make Gyan and Arthur grow estranged, and she fears he wishes to replace her as his queen. Enter Camilla, the Saxon warrior-princess, who’s so hell-bent on exacting revenge against Gyan for having killed her betrothed in battle that she’s willing to resort to […]

A Favorite Son by Uvi Poznansky

A Favorite Son A Favorite Son by Uvi Poznansky this is a story of crime and punishment, which is slow to come until late in life, when the crime he inflicted upon his father comes full circle to be inflicted upon him.. When his mother goaded him to cheat his blind father, she said, “On […]

Rise to Power by Uvi Poznansky

Rise to Power Come into the world and mind of the first King of Israel, watch his rivals and his lovers. A man of flesh and blood, with immense powers of reflection and analysis David is a superb character, real, with bite and of the human race, quite different from the biblical myth that has […]

The Forgotten Templars Vol.1 The Manuscript

  The Forgotten Templars M.Caldwell Hunter 1307 the Templars are destroyed by the French King. By 1314 no trace of the Templars is seen in Europe. Also there was no trace of their treasure or their fleet. Where did they go. What happened to the man entrusted with the safekeeping of the artifacts. The Manuscript […]

Athene’s Prophecy by Ian Miller

Athene’s Prophecy by Ian Miller Only alien help can save humanity from being exterminated, but thanks to relativity, the request for help must start through a young Roman soldier, Gaius Claudius Scaevola, who must be abducted by a passing alien ship. To be taken to the right place the abduction must violate the major law […]

Snow in July by Kim Headlee

  Snow in July by Kim Headlee Sir Robert Alain de Bellencombre, knight of Normandy, must marry a Saxon heiress to claim his reward for service at the Battle of Hastings. Lady Kendra Waldronsdotter, heiress to the estate of Edgarburh, must marry a man who might be kith or kin to her brother’s murderer. Both […]