Shadowed Strength by Wendi Wilson

Shadowed Strength  One fateful night, after being humiliated at a party, sixteen year old Melanie Johnson is attacked by a masked assailant with nefarious intentions and tackled to the ground while walking home in the dark. A mysterious black dog appears out of nowhere, saves her in just the nick of time, then disappears just […]


WHO’S MINDING AMERICA This tale describes the near collapse of America from the inside. Using microchip implants, the adversaries plan to take control of the nation’s decision-makers to eliminate the 2nd amendment, thereby leaving America defenseless. Following a killing and suicide on national television, two leaders of the pro and anti gun forces come together […]

See No Evil by Vivian Wood

See No Evil Alpha Guardians Book One Brawny, hot-tempered were-bear Rhys Macaulay has his hands full protecting the city of New Orleans from paranormal peril. He doesn’t have any interest in finding a date, much less discovering his fated mate. Unfortunately for him, curvy blonde Echo is dumped in his lap, and she needs his […]

Horses of Paiute Canyon by D A Grady

Horses of Paiute Canyon Big Jim Crenshaw is an old time cowboy from boots to hat. While most of his fellow wranglers hated riding fence, it was something that he enjoyed because he was a true loner. After spring roundup on the huge Diamond G ranch, southeast of Reno, Nevada he asked for the job. […]

Prepare! Publish! Promote! Book 1: Producing Books for Growing Sales

Prepare! Publish! Promote! Book 1: Producing Books for Growing Sales Prepare! Publish! Promote! Book 1 is the first of a 3-part series on how to succeed in self-publishing non-fiction books.  It covers selecting the best topics, titles, and techniques as well as how to organize and write your book most effectively.  This book has been […]

Interview with Ron Shaw author, radio host

Interview with Ron Shaw author, radio host’ Welcome to Ron Shaw, host of the Worldwide Ron Shaw show and author  of Seven Fish Tree and The Yellow Bus Boys 1)Who are your greatest support – who believes in you? It took some thought to arrive at the obvious answer to this question. My greatest supporters have become fellow authors […]

Wil’s Winter by Antoinette J. Houston

  Wil’s Winter by Antoinette J. Houston Wil’s winter.bobby’s back for Rita and he’s dragging Thomas along for the ride. His plans include retribution and plenty of pain. Wil was at his wit’s end with Rita’s flirtatious ways. Their relationship had hit a major rough patch and was getting worse every day. Ever since they came […]

Kept by Tracey Lampley

  Kept by Tracey Lampley No nonsense Kate Mercer never thought she’d become a kept woman, but when she wants out of the arrangement with multi-millionaire, Carrington Grant, she finds herself in deadly danger. So she flees into the arms of her ex, Lamar Burton, a former NFL linebacker-turned-cop who harbors his own jealousies and […]

Aethernaut Chronicles: Prometheus Unchained.

    Aethernaut Chronicles: Prometheus Unchained by JB Murphy What it is about- The book is set in an alternate version of Earth during the late 1860’s. Ulysses Williams(one of the main characters), son of a Georgia privateer, has been born as an engineering prodigy with astounding intellect. In his youth he is taken to […]