Rise of the AntiChrist (The Second Coming Series: Book 2): by Grant Leishman

Rise of the AntiChrist (The Second Coming Series: Book 2): Rise of the Antichrist is the continuation of the journey of the Castillo family, led by JC and Maria, as they forge ahead in their mission of “Saving Humanity from the Brink”.   In the sequel to the award-winning, The Second Coming, JC, Maria and […]

Backwards Into the Future by Bronwyn Elsmore

Backwards Into the Future  Everyone knows you can’t go back. Everyone except Mary, because she’s returned to her old hometown. That’s because of two women from her past – Kui, and Ana. One of them is pushing her, the other is holding back, and between the two there’s much to be resolved. The plum tree […]

Daughters by Florence Osmund

Daughters by Florence Osmund Twenty-four-year-old Marie Marchetti has just experienced a life-altering revelation—the identity of her real father. As she packs for her first visit with him and his family, she wonders how her life is about to change, how they will receive her, and what she will learn about her own identity. A lot […]

The Amulet of the Empire by Amanda Auffant

The Amulet of the Empire Many years ago, there was goodness and peace in the world. The Darkness was weak, and stayed dormant, away from the hearts and souls of humankind. One fateful day, the Darkness was awakened in the heart of one man, and it spread throughout the land. The world was introduced to […]