Aldo the Dragon by Tania Giguere

Aldo the Dragon Aldo is an old and wise dragon that came to nest upon a rock overlooking a small village. Aldo watches the families of this little village, and he notices that the people are in need of some help. So Aldo being of great kindness takes this small village under his wing and […]

Dreamthief by Tamara Grantham

Dreamthief  Forget the fairies and unicorns, most people return from fairy world with amnesia and depression. Olive Kennedy knows. She’s the therapist who treats patients suffering from Faythander’s side effects. Traveling back to Fairy World wasn’t on Olive’s to-do list, but she has no choice. The fate of both Earth and Fairy World depends on […]

Fracture The Secret Enemy Saga by VIRGINIA MCKEVITT

Fracture The Secret Enemy Saga When Kristina Conners finds her parents brutally murdered, she vows revenge but she is not the only one looking for whoever killed her parents. A stranger like no one she has ever seen before is also hunting for the killers. He tells her is crazy story, a fairytale of a […]

A Whisper In The Shadows by Tom Fallwell

A Whisper In The Shadows  The Rangers of Laerean are the protectors of the people, the heroes of Hir. Their exploits are legendary and their great deeds recounted in tales across the ages. These are the stories that will be told for generations. A Whisper In The Shadows begins a thrilling and action-packed journey for […]

Type and Cross by Staci Troilo

Type and Cross  Royce Keller prides himself on his abilities as a doctor. But when he makes an error in judgment in the ER, he loses his daughter and his career. When long-buried secrets reveal the real reasons behind his troubles, his family is jeopardized, as well. Vanessa Keller wants nothing more than a loving […]

Crosses and Runes by Brian Triplett

Crosses and Runes is an urban fantasy suspense thriller about black ops field agents with magic powers who try to foil a plot to conquer our world.  A half-elf sorcerer named Jonathan and his team travel between our world, the eleven Homelands, and the territory of the mysterious dark elves as they attempt to stop […]

Inside Evil by Geoff Wakeling

Inside Evil Life in the secluded town of Ridgewood is charming, simple, safe – isn’t it? The bubble that isolates the hamlet protects, or so the eclectic residents believe. Lurking in the background of every day life is a curse that comes in cycles and picks off the innocent as it pleases. But this time […]

The Amulet of the Empire by Amanda Auffant

The Amulet of the Empire Many years ago, there was goodness and peace in the world. The Darkness was weak, and stayed dormant, away from the hearts and souls of humankind. One fateful day, the Darkness was awakened in the heart of one man, and it spread throughout the land. The world was introduced to […]

Firetale by Dante E. Graves

Firetale Lazarus Bernardius is immortal, but he had to die twice to discover it. The Devil has made Lazarus the ringmaster of a traveling circus of demionis, creatures with supernatural powers that are descendants of demons from Hell. For 140 years, the troupe of mermaids and ogres, medusas and wyverns, satyrs and alrauns has been […]

Above and Beyond Dark Waters by Des Birch

Above and Beyond Dark Waters Tells the tale of Jane, a 12 year-old girl who likes to read about superheroes.  She dreams of flying through the sky and saving the world.  Then nature lends a hand, turning her into five different species in turn, so that she can view life from a very different prospective.  […]

The Adventures of Jojo Smith by Tony Duxbury

The Adventures of Jojo Smith A ‘boy’s own’ adult fantasy. Jojo is involuntarily pulled from his safe and boring life by a magician that was only practicing and ends up on another planet. It’s in the medieval stage of development and he finds himself in the middle of a hate match between the magician and […]

The Atomic Sea: Part Four by Jack Conner

The Atomic Sea: Part Four What is the secret of the Atomic Sea? Epic adventure in a strange world by bestselling author Jack Conner. This is the fourth volume of a multi-volume saga of adventure and high stakes in an awe-inspiring world unlike any you’ve ever seen before. Welcome to the world of the Atomic […]

Call of Kythshire by Missy Sheldrake

Call of Kythshire There’s no such thing as fairies. That is the common belief in Cerion, where Azaeli Hammerfel has trained to become a Squire from a very young age. When her dreams finally come true and her title is earned, she is mysteriously left off of the list for the King’s quest, and her […]

The Princess and The Fool by Paul Neafcy

The Princess and The Fool is a fantasy novel suitable for ages 13+ that has been described by Amazon customers as “a bloody fun adventurous romp”, “A gripping read”, “wonderfully told”, “laugh-out-loud”, “Hilarious, surprising and moving”, “filled with charm and wit” and “many well-rounded character such booke”. The Princess and The Fool tells the story […]

The Watchers-Knight of Light by Deirdra Eden

The Watchers-Knight Of Light (book review) I received an invitation to help promote this fantasy story some time ago. I don’t read fantasy but thought I should at least have a look at it, since my name was put forward by another author whose book is on For the record, beezeebooks is in no […]