I Have Lived Today by Steven Moore

I Have Lived Today: A Boy’s Coming of Age Story  England. 1960s. A cold, harsh autumn. On an isolated island, an abusive man forces his wife to run for her life. Their son Tristan, young and afraid, also flees the island and sets out into the world to escape his demons and find his mother. […]

Meddling With Murder by Ellie Campbell

Meddling With Murder  Crouch End Confidential, the agency started by housewife, Cathy is failing badly. Hardly surprising when their only clients are old ladies seeking lost pets. Until the strange case of the missing dog… Soon Cathy’s multiple problems include stolen bikes, a possible murder weapon, the sabotage of her friends’ new shop, drug-dealing yobbos […]

The Adventures of George by Blair Gowrie

The Adventures of George  Sit back and laugh at George’s adventures with characters such as The Maximum Leader, Mustafa bin Maden, Didi Damin, Borrock Sobama, David Chipperfield and many more. The story gallops along at a good pace, and is humorous, satirical and entertaining. Here is an excerpt – “One day there came into the […]

The Perennial Migration by D M Kirtaime

  The Perennial Migration The human race split by the year 3010. Afterwards a newer breed lived within a global dome network. But a virus, spread throughout the network, wrecked the World Adminstration establishment. The planet was dying and another Earthly race stood to benefit – The reptilians! This apocalypse would leave mankind without technology. […]

Black For Last by Libby Fox

  Black For Last It portrays a troubled married woman called Sophie who embarks on an emotional journey only to find she gets more than she bargained for! She had always craved  for multiple lovers. She is a Cardiology nurse working in a big City Hospital. Sophie manages to indulge in extra marital affairs and […]

Invisible Child by Carol Macfie Lange

Invisible Child by Carol Macfie Lange INVISIBLE CHILD is about a boy who is hidden and then abandoned by his parents when soldiers of the fascist tyrant General Franco take them by force from their mountain village. His father is mortally wounded and his mother is taken prisoner. The boy escapes to the wild mountains […]

Interview With Chris Sherborne (author and friend)

Today I’m interviewing a very good friend of mine Chris Sherborne author of many audio recordings and her latest book  Imogene’s Message: A Paranormal Thriller. AUTHOR QUESTIONS  Q.  Who are your greatest support – who believes in you? My husband and friends. Q.    Where do you write from? e.g. Kitchen table? Study? Bedroom? Garden […]