In the Line of Fire: American Diplomats in the Trenches

In the Line of Fire by Charles Ray ‘In the Line of Fire’ is a description of the dangers faced by American diplomats on a daily basis, in the words of those who have served the American people as diplomats abroad. It also contains a list of American diplomats who died or were killed in […]

Buffalo Soldier: Comanchero

Buffalo Soldier by Charles Ray After losing a man in a battle with renegade Apache, Ninth Cavalry First Sergeant Ben Carter is having doubts about his ability to lead men in battle. His worries are put on hold while he and his detachment are assigned routine work details, but while returning to Fort Union from […]

Deadbeat by Charles Ray

Deadbeat Con man Christopher Cross runs one scam too many when he bilks the relative of a DC mobster out of his savings. When the mobster swears revenge, Cross does what any good scam artist would do – he runs for his life, even though it means abandoning his girlfriend who loves him and the […]