Zigi the Alien and the Laughter Journey by Nirit Littaney

Zigi the Alien and the Laughter Journey    Yup, he’s here again !  This time Zigi’s making a special trip to Earth in search of fun and laughter.  He’s leaving behind boring old Nepi, knowing there’s nothing more entertaining than the friendly humans on Earth.  From the moment he steps from his spacecraft, Zigi’s privy […]

Zigi the Alien and the Chocolate Cure

  Zigi the Alien and the Chocolate Cure by  Nirit Littaney Zigi, the friendliest alien you’ll ever meet, zips through space searching for chocolate treats to satisfy his tremendous craving for chocolate and to cure a common, alien cold.  Unlike earth children, when Zigi eats chocolate it provides immediate relief for the most annoying of symptoms.  […]

Fairy’s Fairy Tale Kingdom by Nirit Littaney

Fairy’s Fairy Tale Kingdom by Nirit Littaney Make-believe and dress-up are so much fun, especially for Fairy, a young girl with plenty of imagination.  Halloween is her favorite time of the year and her preferred costume is, of course, a fairy.  She’s always wanted to be a part of a legendary fairy tale, and with […]

Candy’s Chocolate Kingdom by Nirit Littaney

Candy’s Chocolate Kingdom Welcome to Candy’s world! Candy is a cute girl that loves chocolate so much, she eats it all day and dreams about it at night. In the Chocolate Kingdom everything is made of chocolate. EVERYTHING! But as we all know, too much of a good thing can be bad… and things begin […]

Children’s Adventure Books

Children’s Adventure Books Ever since Harry Potter books came on to the market place Children’s Adventure Books have taken to off in their hundreds of thousands. and what advantage these children adventure books have other those playing on game consoles all their spare time. I’m sure future studies will confirm these young readers will end […]