A Dangerous Bargain BY J.S. SCOTT

A Dangerous Bargain by J.S.Scott

A Dangerous Bargain

A Dangerous Bargain (The Sentinel Demons Book 1) BY J.S. SCOTT

This is book one of four in The Sentinel Demons series. Books two and three are available and book four will be releasing very soon.

Kat Larson is a curvy 27-year-old redhead that is haunted by demons. They want to destroy her soul.
Zachary Winston is a Sentinel demon who wants to protect Kat from the Evils. He is conflicted when he
realizes that Kat is his radiant.

“Why do you think you’re not beautiful?” Zach asked as he placed his fork on the empty plate in front of him, thanking the gods that Kat had cooked. Conjuring items that were edible wasn’t really easy for a Sentinel, and he couldn’t cook worth a shit. He usually ate out with Drew and Hunter, or grabbed food wherever it was convenient. Usually his cupboards were pretty bare, but Kat had managed to make something delicious out of nothing, raiding his canned goods and non-perishable items for a pasta dish. Kat looked at Zach and rolled her eyes as she stood, gathering their empty plates as she answered, “You really do have lousy eyesight. Is that a demon trait?”

Kat recognized the two men holding Zach away from her, one on each side of him. Drew Winston looked immaculate in an expensive suit and tie, but Hunter was dressed casually in a black t-shirt and jeans, his face covered in cuts and bruises, looking like he’d just been through a war zone. “He wasn’t hurting me,” Kat protested breathlessly, her gaze focused on Zach, his glowing eyes making his expression feral as he jerked at his arms to get out of his brothers’ hold. The two men yanked Zach backward, shoving him none too gently into one of the chairs at the kitchen table. “Rein it in, Zach. You can’t do this with a rescue,” Hunter growled as he kept a forceful hand on Zach’s shoulder as Drew did the same on the other side. “You’ll hate yourself for it later.” Drew’s gaze trailed over Kat, finally meeting her eyes. “You okay?” he questioned kindly.

I’m okay, Kat. Don’t worry. They’re trying to help me. I lost control. The comforting words flowed through her mind, calming her. Her eyes were riveted on Zach as she watched his breathing return to normal and his eyes slowly change from amber to chocolate brown.

About the Author

J.S. ScottScott, J. S.. A DANGEROUS BARGAIN (The Sentinel Demons) (Kindle Locations 696-699). Golden Unicorn Enterprises Inc. Kindle Edition.

J.S. Jan Scott is a NY Times & USA Today bestselling author of erotic romance. She’s an avid reader of all types of books and literature. Writing what she loves to read, J.S. Scott writes both contemporary romance stories and paranormal romance. They almost always feature an Alpha Male and have a happily ever after because she just can’t seem to write them any other way! She lives with her husband in the picturesque Colorado Rockies.

This paranormal romance contains graphic language, steamy love scenes, and lovable alpha males that also happen to be mythological demons


Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

If you like paranormal romance then you will thoroughly enjoy this love story. I enjoyed this new series which involves good and bad demons. The way the author put a spin on Kat and Zachary story was not only intriguing but mysterious in nature. The sexual tension between the two characters was hot. The supporting characters helped bring the story together. Cannot wait for their stories.

JS you started off this new series with a bang. Way to go.


Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

I have read most of the books that are available from J.S. Scott. From The Vampire Coalition to The Billionaires Obsession series, I love her characters. They are wonderfully vulnerable alpha males. The females are usually not your typical love interests. This book is a different slant dealing with demons but I have once again been captured by the story. I am certain you will fall in love with Zach as he struggles with his past and how to handle Kat. I loved Kat, she is so insecure because she is not the “perfect woman in her opinion. It was romantic, and steamy. It looks like there will be more stories of the Sentinel’sand I am looking forward to Drews story!


Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

I can’t wait for books two, steamybook, great characters and story line. Love me some demons in this book, they are actually good.
thanks J.S. Scott


Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

Anything J.S. Scott is a must read. I have read several of her books and have not been disappointed. I love the Billionaire books and her paranormal books are amazing.


Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

When I first read this book as the short story Demon loves Curves, I was hoping for more of the story, but alas it was just a short story, however this book A Dangerous bargain did not disappoint, it was the previous book plus so much more. I already had an idea of the chemistry between Kat(kitten) and Zach, but when to add his brother’s and the deity into the story gave it so much more. If you are a fan of this author’s work, especially like the Vampire Coalition series then you will like this book/series. It is funny reading when the demon king gives them bits of the information that they need to know but not all. I hope the demon king get his happy ever after also as he looks out for his Sentinels and radiants. Kat and Zach’s chemistry made the sheets burn, but also the love between them out of the bedroom, where he would do anything for her and she for him. I look forward to the next one in the series.


Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

I love this book it had the love and the passion that I was looking for, the couples show their concerned of each other’s . I can’t wait to read the next one.


Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

What a great book! Can’t wait for the next one. Who knew demons were sooo sexy! JS Scott is a must read!!


A Dangerous Bargain BY J.S. SCOTT is available from Amazon.com



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