The Shadow Warrior by Will Endres

The Shadow Warrior

The Shadow Warrior

The Warder Chronicles: Book One: The Shadow Warrior

The rider spurred his roan horse at great speed through the misty, chilly darkness. It was early morning outside the fields of a Tanga-eel village, which was about fifteen miles northeast of the city of Estaran. A six-year-old girl wailed in his thick, tattooed arms.
He placed a thick, calloused hand over her mouth and she felt a warm sensation around her lips. She was puzzled for just a moment and then went back to screaming.
The child of the Tanga-eel people looked around in a desperate hope that her people would save her. They were tall, like trees, and fierce like the lions of the plains. She would be a lion too. She struggled within his strong grip and scratched his arm, but his skin was tough like leathery hide. She remembered what her Elder Mother had told her once about the lions of the plains. They only hold their prey with their sharp claws! It’s their teeth that do the killing! The girl grew fierce and made her abductor howl in pain as she turned her head around and seized a thin portion of his meaty bicep between her teeth and chomped down viciously.
He shouted and grabbed a fistful of her thick, curly hair. “Enough!” the abductor growled through clenched teeth. She released her hold on him. She tasted blood in her mouth, but noticed that it was her own tooth that had come out. His arm had barely the markings of her teeth on it. She sat still in the saddle between the thickest legs she had ever seen. She was defeated. There was nothing she could do.

About the author

Will Endres, Jr. was born in Ticonderoga, NY on March 7, 1978. For decades Will has loved Fantasy, Science Fiction and Horror. Since he read The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien at the age of ten years old he wanted to create stories of his own. It was around this time when he and his brother crafted wooden swords and shields and pretended to fight vooers and other such monsters of his creation. As he got older he began to write down adventures and even draw comics based upon the characters he and his brother would pretend to be and pretend to fight. Will Endres, Jr. graduated from North Country Community College with an Associate’s Degree in Liberal Arts in 1999 and then SUNY Plattsburgh with a Bachelor’s Degree in Art in 2002. After his time in college he has published numerous short stories and created Critterbox Comics, a comic strip about several zany pets that live in an old, dilapidated house. His novel The Vooer Prince is available to read on Amazon! You can contact Will Endres, Jr. at He’ll reply to your comments and questions!

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Following up The Vooer Prince, The Warder Chronicles builds on a well thought out world with great characters that battle between good and evil. The first two books have been fun and easy to read and I am excited to read the next book in the chronicles. Two thumbs up!

The Shadow Warrior by Will Endres, is available on Amazon 



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